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After tapping the Finish button inside a ticket in the appointment phase, it’s time to enter the report phase and report the ticket to resolve the ticket.
The reporting consists of two parts, one is the actual report and the second part is the sign-off from the end user to finish the ticket.

In the report, the work start and work end times are taken over.
You can manually edit times, dates, and wishes by tapping the corresponding calendar and time buttons.

After that, you fill in if the Intervention was successful or not. It is mandatory to fill in a work report, regardless of how the intervention went.
Click REPORT SUMMARY to proceed to customer sign-off. The mobile device will enter landscape mode and the customer can sign comfortably.

Click Submit and Finish to finish the ticket.

The finish button informs the dispatchers that you finished working on the ticket. You can trigger it either from the top bar or from the Ticket tab. 
Tap on Yes again to confirm that the appointment is finished.

In the example below the engineer didn’t finish the work on the ticket just yet,
therefore the engineer has to finish the ticket first, before closing the appointment and proceeding to report!

Time report
: Select the Driving time that was required for this ticket.
Work start: Insert the date and time when you started working on this ticket.
End time: Insert the date and time when you finished working on this ticket.

Work report
Is intervention successful?: Select Yes or no, depending on if you were able to resolve the ticket problem.
Work note: Add a work note message for this ticket.
Click on Report summary afterward.

You will find a summary of all your entered details now and a message informing you that it is important the customer has read the report and agrees to the results of the intervention.
Click on Submit and sign ticket(s).
An interface where the customer can put in the signature by touch should appear.
The engineer should let the customer sign his work and click on 
Submit and finish afterward.

Clear button/Trash button: Allows the customer to redo the signature in case there were issues.
Submit and finish button: Allows you to finish the ticket and redirects you back to Home.

Note: After finishing the work on all tickets (including child ticket reports) you have to finish the whole appointment to complete the process.
This will mark the ticket in the system as RESOLVED.

Your customer is not available for the signature sign-off?
Your customer rejected the signature sign-off?
Your customer is unavailable for the signature sign-off?
Your customer provides the signature sign-off separately?

In any of the cases mentioned above you can click the option button (wheel) inside the signature screen and select the appropriate option in order to finish the report.

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