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Indications can be set up and determined according to the project’s requirements. When a ticket contains eg. duplicate data and you want to be notified, you can configure an indication.

Inside the Fieldcode Admin Panel go to Process → Indications

  1. Click on the plus button to open the Indication form (or click on an item on the list to edit).
  2. Fill in the Indication form.
  3. Decide if your new or existing indication should be set to active in the system.
  4. Insert a name for your new or existing indication.
  5. Insert a description for your new or existing indication. 
  6. Select a Monitored Field from the drop-down.
Creating a new indication
  1. Insert the number of days for the time span.
    The time span field covers a past period of time that is to be checked.
    So, for example, if a ticket is to be checked for the same serial number in order to display an indication, this means that if you enter 5 days, that 5 days backwards from the ticket creation date will be checked for duplicates.
  2. Insert the Critical amount. When the critical amount is reached, the critical badge will be displayed inside the Ticket Pool and Ticket details.
  3. Insert a Warning amount. When the warning amount is reached, the warning badge will be displayed inside the Ticket Pool and Ticket details.
  4. Insert an Info amount. When the info amount is reached, the info badge will be displayed inside the Ticket Pool and Ticket details.

Indications are used for highlighting tickets. Therefore they are indicated by warning, critical, and information symbols inside the Ticket Pool.
Configured indications are visible in the header of Ticket Details, in the Condition and Indication tabs (under the Overview tab in the Ticket Details), and in the Ticket Pool (all in Fieldcode Work Place). Indications are visible in the Info/Alert row of the Ticket Pool.

Time calculation

If you have configured a time span for your indication it will only show up for the selected time span in days.
The count starts from the moment the to be monitored indication is valid.  
After the time span has passed, the indication will not be displayed anymore.

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