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Work place provides you with a fully customizable experience, adaptable to your technical office setup (supporting single- and multi-display mode), adaptable to different key user roles, and adaptable to different key workflows.

Primary and secondary components are toolboxes for certain actions and are powerful software tools to support your daily work when combining them cleverly.

Ticket PoolSearch and filter tickets and browse through them. Combine with ticket details for a full picture of the tickets.
Ticket DetailsSee all details of a ticket if you need to handle customer requests or maintain/validate ticket information.
TimelineShows availabilities of engineers per Dispatch group and allows zooming in and out for a 2 hrs to 24 hrs view.
MapAllows to see the geographical location of tickets and engineers. Allows searching and also dispatching tickets directly on the map. For all who seek live insights into the location of customers and engineers.
AnalyticsAllows you to gain far-reaching statistical insights with the option to configure custom business parameters for yourself.
Asset ManagementAllows you to configure assets and corresponding maintenance plans.
Workload CalendarAllows you to check engineer availabilities in a longer time period.
QuicklaunchAllows you to quickly edit tickets one-by-one. This component is particularly interesting for back office audience.

The Scheduling Assistant allows the dispatcher to smartly schedule and assign tickets to engineers.

Since the Scheduling Assistant is a popover that pops up globally across all views, it is not treated as a component inside the views editor and therefore cannot be added to the view when creating a custom view.

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