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Cancellation of a ticket is permanent

You should only cancel a ticket if you want to stop the whole ticket.

Appointment cancellation versus Ticket cancellation

If you intend to reschedule a ticket, please cancel the appointment instead of canceling the whole ticket.

  1. Select the ticket that needs to be canceled from the Ticket Pool or Timeline.
  2. Click on the workflow button: Cancel Ticket.
  3. Select a cancellation reason for the ticket from the dropdown.
  4. Insert a ticket cancellation comment.
  5. (Optional) If the ticket also has an appointment set, also cancel the appointment.
  6. (Optional) Select an appointment cancellation reason from the dropdown.
  7. (Optional) Insert an appointment cancellation comment.
  8. Click Save.
About ticket cancellation
  • You can cancel a ticket only when it is UNPUBLISHED.
  • You can cancel a ticket only from the Ticket Details component -> Therefore please ensure that the component is available inside your view.
  • Canceling a ticket is permanent - therefore you should only cancel a ticket if you want to stop it, rather than when you just want to reschedule it.
  • Canceling an appointment is not permanent - the ticket will still remain active.
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