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Automated Actions give you the ability to automatize the process of spreading information from work place and more. One purpose of Automated Actions for example is to send out information automatically from work place, eg. via automatic emails or Ticket info updates that reach customers automatically.

Think of Automated Actions as a sandbox for creating Automation inside the Fieldcode work place.

  • Search through Automated Actions
  • Customize table view
  • Send the end user a link to track ticket progress
  • Send the end user an email about the appointment time and date
  • Send the end user an email about the appointment cancellation
  • Send the end user an SMS about the appointment time and date
  • Send the end user an SMS about the appointment cancellation
  • Create & Edit custom Automated Action
  • Explanation of Action types
  • Explanation of Monitored fields
  • Companies that want to give customers most crucial information regarding tickets in a structured way
  • Companies that rely on automated information spreading
  • Companies that want to rely on automation for sending information to customers
  • Relatively easy to set up
  • Customers keep track of their tickets
  • No more manual requirements of sending out information like emails, SMS

Automated Actions are divided in two types. There are some templates, which we call Pre-configured Automated Actions, which are ready-to-use with just a few remaining setup steps. However, if you want to go the full route, you can also create Custom Automated Actions, and benefit from nearly endless setup possibilities. 

You always start by creating new or edit existing automated actions in this menu.

Expand the menu by clicking the expand arrow in the navigation  OR click directly on the Process configuration Symbol to reveal all options of process configuration.

Go to Projects → Automated Actions

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