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A guide triggers a node to move after a certain duration. The duration can be fixed or calculated

Guide iconGuide typeDescription
GUIDE_EVENT- This guide gives you the option to move a ticket
- This guide equires a destination path
- Use cases for this Guide: Similar to the use cases of monitored fields
- Examples: Scheduling, Publishing, Reporting
GUIDE_CLIPBOARDThis guide is listening for the ticket moved or removed from the ticket clipboard.
GUIDE_TIME- This guide requires a destination path
- You need to set a time range to wait until moving the ticket to destination for this guide
GUIDE_LOCATIONStay tuned, as we are still collecting infos about this guide!
GUIDE_CONTEXT- You can't report your ticket on the FMA workflow, if your item is not on the specific node
- This guide acts like a flag
GUIDE_INTERFACE_FORM- This guide is used to operate with interface forms
- This guide is only useful if you use the Enterprise feature "Interface forms"
  • Now + an offset of one day
  • LSDT – 20%
  • Appointment – 60 Min
  • Engineer arrives at customer (FMA)
  • Engineer average arrival time to destination = 10 min (FMA)

In preparation!

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