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  • Below are some of the new Upcoming Features* that we plan to release at some point in the future.
    *Please keep in mind that the final design and terminology may vary and change upon final release. 

Optimizer / Scheduling Assistant : SLA Profiles to be considered

Admin Panel

Currently, SLA profiles play out their benefits inside the Customer Portal, by giving end users appointment booking windows that align with configured SLA profiles (if configured so). We want to extend the SLA Profile functionality to the Optimizer and the Scheduling Assistant. What would that mean?

The Optimizer places tickets only on specified business days and hours, which can be specified inside the SLA profile menu
The Scheduling Assistant suggests only appointment windows for specified business days and hours, which can be specified inside the SLA profile menu

Introducing project-specific SMTP server configuration and mail sending

Admin Panel

Currently, only one tenant-wide SMTP server can be configured in Fieldcode to send emails. We will extend in a way that the tenant-wide SMTP server (default) will stay but can be overridden by project-related individual SMTP server configurations. What will be the benefits?

More flexibility when setting up automated email sendings
Tailored automated email sendings configured to specific project needs

Cooperation Partners

Admin Panel

We will soon introduce the possibility of a new cooperation partner type. Cooperation Partners are a group of partner engineers or partner dispatchers that cooperate with dispatch groups or engineers in fulfilling service with a separate Fieldcode Account.

How easy will one establish a cooperation partnership?
1. Confirmer provides a business key to initiator of the cooperation
2. Initiator enters business key
3. Confirmer receives an email with a PIN code and accepts it
3. The cooperation partnership will turn active.

Skill mapping for Cooperation Partners

Admin Panel

You will be able to easily map skills between the cooperation partner and sub-cooperation partner so they can be adequately utilized inside the system.

Skill mapping helps you combine different labels for the same skill in order to still take advantage of smart ticket assignments on an ongoing basis

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