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This site features Upcoming Features* that we plan to release in the future. 
Note: The final terminology of here listed features may change with release.

Improved container ticket planning for multi-day tickets

Work Place -> Scheduling assistant

We want to further improve the handling of container tickets.
Once this feature is released, it will be even easier to schedule multiple days.

You will soon be able to select a time period within the calendar itself.

Introducing inline skill editing

Work Place -> Ticket Details

Editing skills will get easier than ever before.

More flexibility for skill assignment
You will be able to to add and remove skills from the Ticket Details
You can pick your skills from the active skills list
A history entry for every hange in the skills of the ticket will be always created, so that you can better understand changes.

Automatically convert links to clickable links in fields including custom fields

Work Place -> Ticket Details
After the release of this feature, links that are inserted as input within fields are automatically converted into clickable links.
This new feature will also work for custom fields.

Preview of forms (Test Form Setup)

Admin Panel -> Forms
You will soon be able to preview your custom forms including a possibility to test your custom form with test data.

Ability to handle multiple object types in one form

Admin Panel -> Forms

Currently, custom forms do not have access to all objects which may block you from splitting big forms into smaller ones. 
Once this feature is released, you will be able to add multiple entityTypes (objectTypes) per form.

You will soon be able to add multiple object types in one form.

"Quicklaunch form" - Forms showing up automatically with button press

Once this Feature is released, custom forms will show up automatically with a button press, analogue to Work Place.

Introducing optimizing restart behavior and fact change handling

Work Place -> Optimizer / Automated Dispatching

We are constantly making the optimizer smarter.

Introducing optimization restart behavior
On ticket ZIP code changes, dispatch group changes, engineer changes, configuration changes
Other changes will be ignored
Introducing fact change handling on running optimization
For appointment changes and Part changes

Introducing a better auto-dispatch experience

Work Place -> Ticket Pool / Timeline

Currently, the Ticket Pool is disabled if automated dispatching is enabled. This hinders dispatchers from taking special care of tickets. 
We are therefore working on finding a way to enable the Ticket Pool in a smart way that doesn't collide with optimization.

For auto-dispatch groups, we plan to add a switcher to the Dispatch tab to turn on/off the auto-dispatch mode
When auto-dispatch mode is turned on, auto-dispatching runs in the background and Dispatch tab and Timeline modifications on appointments will be disabled
When auto-dispatch mode is turned off, auto-dispatching stops running in the background and users on Work Place can apply modifications as they wish

Introducing dynamic lists for multiple purposes (eg. site lists)

Admin Panel

With dynamic lists, Fieldcode will just create a lot of new possibilities for decision-makers to taking the best decisions in determining workflow paths, automatically setting customer addresses, etc. Based on those dynamic lists, certain actions could trigger - eg. evaluating ticket values against list values etc. pp. What are some concrete feature goals we have in mind with dynamic lists?

Option to import lists as excel
Workflow extension to be able to evaluate (ticket) values against list values and be able to trigger actions on match or no match
Automated Action extension to trigger actions based on match or no match
Forms extension to display, choose from or even edit list values
Create list fields/columns automatically as Custom Fields which are attached to the ticket automatically on match with correct values from list

Introducing area definition with two new modes

Admin Panel -> Dispatch group area definition

We plan to introduce different modes for configuring dispatch areas in a new way and smarter manner. By differentiating between two modes it will be way more intuitive to define areas. We will introduce a new "map-based" mode (final name pending) and a new "field-based" mode (final name pending).

The new "map-based" mode (final name peding) will allow you to configure one area for dispatch group operations
The new "field-based" mode (final name pending) will allow you to configure multiple areas by eg. using and combining ZIP, State, City, and Country fields etc.
Having this clearer separation leads to less confusion and more convenience in the configuration process of dispatch group areas
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