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This site features Upcoming Features* that we plan to release in the future. 
Note: The final terminology of here listed features may change with release.

Expert editing options for System Connections

Admin panel

For more complex system connection mappings, you can switch to an expert mode. 

In this expert mode a python-code based mapping can be configured with all the specialities your customers may require.

Customers will be able to see the existing mappings with the code view
Customers will be able to edit the existing mappings with the code view
Customers will be able to add new mappings with the code view

Private views

Work place

We're planning to introde private views where users can create their own views to their preference soon. Those views will only be visible for the users themselves.

The View Editor will soon be called View Designer
There will be three different view levels introduced
There will be a differentiation between global, account, and private views

Scheduling assistant additions

Work place

We plan to introduce a feature where you will be able to check multiple days engineer availability upfront. 

This upcoming feature will help you in  better preventing possible overlaps on the Timeline for parallel updates.

The Scheduling assistant will display skill and part availability related information as well
Info message system will be also improved
Icon and info tooltip for engineers missing mandatory skill requirement will be introduced
Info tooltip for unavailable engineer icon, so you are consistently informed about problems
Error message in Scheduling assistant header in case no engineers have the matching skill. In this case, no matter which date is selected in the calendar, we will never provide available engineers for selection.
Info message in Scheduling assistant listing mandatory skill requirements for the ticket
No pop-up message for partner check, info message only goes in the messages section
When you're about to schedule the drag and dropped ticket to an unavailable slot, the information message syle will align to the one we already use throughout Admin panel

Online archive

Fieldcode FMA app

We plan to introduce a feature where engineers can search in all their history to find relevant information for upcoming cases.

The archive gives you access to information about historical tickets
Having access to the archive natively on the FMA app allows you to better work on upcoming tickets or follow-up tickets

Dynamic lists - bulk creation and updates via Excel upload

Admin panel

We plan to introduce a feature where bulk creation and edits will be possible by Excel upload, making the maintenance of large dynamic lists a breeze.

There will be a new option to create new lists via Excel upload for lists
Lists that are too big for manual creation are no longer an issue with the new upcoming Excel upload feature

New modes to configure dispatch groups

Admin panel

We plan to introduce the possibility to create global groups and also introduce a  new mode where dispatch groups can be configured not only by map area but based on location field conditions. This makes configuring dispatch groups even more flexible, than it is already.

We plan to introduce two new area definition modes, either "map-based" or "ZIP/State/City/Country-based"
The main advantage of this exciting feature is that you gain the flexibility to choose how you want to add a location for your dispatch group

Improved automated dispatching experience

Work place

Improved change handling and better quality dispatching in automated dispatching. 

Fact change handling on running optimization -> For appointment or part changes
Restarting the optimization -> On ticket ZIP code, dispatch group changes, engineer changes, and configuration changes
Other tickets could get ignored

More detailed information on appointment actions

Work place

We plan to display more detailed information on appointment actions.
Not only the last user who made changes on the appointment will be enclosed, but the type of actions as well.
This feature comes along with keeping a more fine grained history.

We are planning to extend appointment information and audit information
Having this kind of information at your fingertips can help you better understand many different ticket changes

Reoccurring absence and on-call duty management

Admin panel

We plan to introduce the possibility to maintain reoccurring absences and on-call duty slots.

This feature will help to eliminate the need of entering reoccurring absences manually
This feature adds convenience when it comes to the configuration of absences

Improved working hours management

Admin panel

We plan to introduce the possibility to set different working hours for different periods.

This feature will allow to configure multiple time periods for working hours in a single day and will allow to define working hours for specific time periods
This will open up the possibility for a very fine definition of working hours

Grouping of filter conditions

Admin panel

We plan to introduce a grouping of filter conditions. This will allow you to use more complex filter conditions throughout the Admin panel.

With brackets you will have way more options to customize conditions

Workflow designer

Admin panel

We plan to introduce the possibility that you can configure your own workflows inside the Admin panel.

With our full-featured workflow designer, you can take Fieldcode customization to the next level
This feature truly sets the basis for a next level dynamic Fieldcode experience
We are really thrilled to see what our customers will be able to do and achieve with own designed workflows

Custom themes

Admin panel

We plan to introduce the possibility that you can customize typography, colors and buttons' visuals.

This feature also sets a solid basis for a next level dynamic Fieldcode experience
We are really thrilled to see what our customers will be able to do and achieve with own designed themes

Proactively inform users on processing issues

Work place

We plan that users will be proactively informed if  any processing issue on dispatch groups or tickets (e.g. workflow or optimization) are encountered.

Being proactively informed helps to address potential issues more quickly before they grow into larger problems.

AI supported helper

Work place, Admin panel

We plan to offer AI enhanced search in our applications to even better support users and delight our customers with useful and matching help recommendations.

With the AI enhanced search it will be even easier to find tailored to your needs search results
The AI enhanced search will be natively integrated into Work place and Admin panel

Advanced versioning

Work place

Workflows, forms, lists will have versioning accessible also on the UI with the possibility to restore prior versions or create draft versions.

Versioning helps to keep track of changes
The possibility to restore to previous versions adds another layer of security when doing changes
Creating draft versions is perfect for testing out workflows, forms, and lists first

Custom objects

Admin panel

We plan to make it possible to create custom objects with their own data model and their own forms and workflows.

The already provided custom objects are great for various use cases already
However, with the possibility to create own custom objects, you can cover even more use cases

Custom views

Admin panel

Components like the Ticket Pool, and Ticket Details will be able to be customized via specific forms.  

Custom layout options, list of fields options, and element options will be added

New generation Timeline

Work place

We plan to introduce more content to the Timeline, including a more intuitive navigation and a overall smoother user experience.

The new generation of Timeline opens up even more possibilities and enhances the dispatcher's experience with Timeline

Custom contents and visuals on Customer Portal

Customer Portal

We plan to add more white labeling and customization options.

The Customer Portal will be even more custom after we introduce these changes
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