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When you resolve tickets on the field you usually will follow some kind of routine. We would like to briefly introduce you to a quick routine of how we think you get most out of our Fieldcode mobile app to help you with your daily work.

  1. Usually the first thing before you start your working day is opening the Fieldcode mobile application.
  2. You see your tickets for day at a glance in Home.
  3. You decide for a ticket to work on, usually the tickets are already sorted for your day.
  4. You tap on the ticket to check the details for the job.
  5. You maybe ask yourself if you need spare parts for the day, that you need to pick up first.
  6. (Optional) In this case you would first drive to the location to pick up the parts needed for the job.
  7. You will start the job by first driving to the location, tap DRIVE inside a ticket to start your work and let end-users and dispatchers know that you are on your way.
  8. (Optional) You can select if you want to use the navigation. Usually you should, as Google Maps or Apple Maps is a good partner for your jobs.
  9. (Optional) Depending on your workflow you are supposed to call your end-user and announce him that you are arriving. Simply use the Call button in this case, where the number of your end-user should appear.
  10. You will reach your location, you may want to tap the I reached the location button.
  11. (Optional) You might also want to take a break sometimes to stop the tracking simply tap the Pause button in this case.
  12. You are at the location, you tap Start
  13. You fix the actual problem of your end-user and make his life better.
  14. You tap Finish after finishing your job on the field.
  15. When prompted if you really want to finish the appointment, you may tap Yes.
  16. You report your ticket, so everybody else knows you did a great job.
  17. Your ticket is finished! Everybody should be happy at this point: The end-user, the dispatcher and hopefully also your company with your perfectly done job!
  18. (Not optional) You return your used parts to be a sustainable, efficient and kind person.

Login to the Fieldcode mobile app

Home Screen -> Driving to customer

Ticket Details -> Working on the ticket -> Report

Finishing the ticket!

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