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The Partner Portal configuration is currently only possible with the help of our Support Team

Please contact via email if you need the Partner Portal configured for your business.

General overview of the Partner Portal

This topic covers the configuration of the Partner Portal only roughly, as the Support Team is currently still required for a fully completed configuration. 

The Partner Portal offers technicians the ability to receive, complete and report tickets in a broader accessible mobile view instead of relying on an app (FMA) to complete tickets. With the Partner Portal, technicians can view and complete tickets without the extra need for an additional app. All the Account Partner has to do is activate this feature (with the help of the support). Tickets can then be opened on any browser via a link that directs to the responsive Partner Portal page.

You can enable the Partner Portal functionality by toggling the Partner Portal toggle inside Partner Accounts to the right.
The Partner Portal is thought out for Account Partners that want to receive their tickets via email and do the reporting via the Partner Portal.
A few steps are necessary to use the Partner Portal successfully. The steps are as follows:

  1. The Account Partner has to enable the “Assign tickets via Partner Portal” on his side on the Account Partner page inside the Admin panel.
  2. The partner initiator has to configure an automated action that creates the Partner Portal link (Enterprise Feature!).
  3. The option to publish tickets will be disabled for the Account Partner using the “Assign tickets via Partner Portal” toggle.
"Assign tickets via Partner Portal" toggle inside the Account Partner page
  1. The engineer working on the Partner ticket will be able to access the Partner Portal via a link to access the Partner Portal page.
  2. The engineer enters his first name, last name, and his email address and clicks on the Report Ticket button.
  3. The engineer fills in the Report and submits the report.
  4. The engineer clicks on the Save button.
     The Report will be submitted and the tickets status will change.
One-time-reporting a ticket via the Partner Portal
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