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Service Delivery

Configuration of the Optimizer is actually pretty straight forward. You consider these three steps in our system for best results.

What are the goals of my company? (Step 1)

Is a LSDT breach allowed for this project? (Step 2)

Should skills be considered for this project? 

Click on Optimize Now inside Fieldcode work place (Step 3)

Preset 1: Minimize spent time
Use this setting if you are paying your work force for their spent time per day. We will optimize the schedule to reduce driving times per engineer which might lead to higher CO2 footprint.
Preset 2: Reduce the CO2 emissions
We will optimize your work force schedules to reduce the maximum amount of CO2.
Preset 3: Maximize resource utilization
This setting is recommended for organizations who want to maximize the engineer utilization. Our optimizer will try to schedule as much tickets as possible per head count which might leave engineers without any assignment for the day-
  1. Go to Fieldcode admin panel.
  2. Go to Projects.
  3. Select a project.
  4. Go to the Basic tab.
  5. Toggle on Skills consideration.
  6. Toggle on LSDT breach is not allowed.
  1. Go to Fieldcode work place.
  2. Select a dispatch group in the Timeline.
  3. Click on the magic stick.
  4. Select the optimization interval.
  5. Click on Optimize Now.
  6. Wait for desired results (Optimization results may improve with time passing).
  7. Click on Take Over.
  8. Optional: Click on Minimize and Continue optimizing in background (Optimization results may improve with time passing).
You are not happy with the Optimization results?
No problem, you can easily undo the Optimization. Undoing the Optimization will move the tickets back to the Ticket Pool (except locked tickets).
  1. Click on the expand arrow right next to the magic stick.
  2. Click on Undo Optimize Now.
  3. Confirm the upcoming security prompt with Undo.
    Be advised that manual changes to tickets after the Optimization will also be affected by the Undo Optimization since they were technically part of the Optimization process.

The FMA Delivery tab gives you the option to let engineers start working on multiple tickets simultaneously.

By flipping the toggle to the right engineers are allowed to start appointments at the same time opposed to be forced to work from ticket to ticket.

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