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The Attachments tab displays attached files to the ticket. You can add files, download ticket attachments, and/or create notes in this tab.
Inside the Fieldcode Work Place go to Ticket Details → ATTACHMENTS

Files can be added to a ticket by clicking add files in the Attachments tab of the Ticket Details. This is useful for providing work orders and other important notes for a ticket. The add file option is especially useful because it supports any file type.

Add file button

Inside the Fieldcode Work Place go to Ticket Details → ATTACHMENTS → ADD FILE
The explorer will open and you will be able to select a file from your computer.

Files can be downloaded by clicking the Download button after selecting and ticking a file. It may come in handy when you want to check on a file eg. a work order.
Inside the Fieldcode Work Place go to Ticket Details → ATTACHMENTS → CHECK A FILE → CLICK DOWNLOAD

Download Attachments button
Grayed out ticket download button

The Download Ticket Attachments button is context sensitive - which means - no file uploaded - no download button available.

You can also download multiple files at once by simply selecting multiple ones or ticking the box left to the File name to automatically select all files.

  • Option to select all files at once.

  • Option to select individual files that should be downloaded.

  • The Add file button gives you the option to add new files to the ticket

  • The Download button gives you the option to download selected ticket attachment files

Limited Fieldcode Mobile App Support

Notes being displayed inside the Fieldcode Mobile App is currently not supported.

Notes can be added to a ticket by clicking Create Note in the Ticket Details. Notes are especially useful for leaving a message for engineers (eg. location-specific information like floor or room numbers). Once clicked it is possible to enter the title of the note and the body message.
Inside the Fieldcode Work Place go to Ticket Details → ATTACHMENTS → CREATE NOTE.

Create Note button
  • Enter the title of the note.

  • The toggle lets you decide to whom your note should be visible. Private Note: Only creator can see the comment. Public Note: All users can see them.

  • Enter the message of the note in the body field.

  • Click on the Add button to add the written note.

  • With the refresh button, you can check for new notes.

  • With the trash button, you can delete the current note.

  • With the edit button, you can edit notes.

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