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The lists menu inside the Admin Panel gives you the possibility to add lists, so you can reuse them for different purposes.
Lists can be useful for entering a bigger bulk of data into the system that you want to reuse or use for smart automation in various system parts.
For example, you could use the list menu to create site lists, device lists, address lists, etc.
You could also utilize lists for triggering workflow events, for enhancing system connections, and for almost any other automation that you want to achieve.

Inside the Admin Panel go to Process -> Lists
Expand the menu by clicking the expand arrow in the Navigation  OR click directly on the Process symbol to reveal all options of process configuration.
You can add and edit lists in this menu.

Please do not hesitate to contact our support team if you want to utilize lists for a specific use case

You can contact via email if you want to have lists configured in a specific way. 

  1. Click on the plus button to open the list creation form.
  2. Enter a name for your list item in the list name field.
    Please note that the name cannot contain spaces or special characters.
  3. Click on Add Column to be able to enter the first column of your new list.
  4. Enter a column name for the first column of your new list.
    Please note that the name cannot contain spaces or special characters.
    Please note that the first column always will be a mandatory and unique field.
    This limitation ensures that the list can later be utilized by the system.
  5. (Optional) Add further columns.
    Please note that you cannot delete columns, only rows.
    If you enter a column incorrectly, you may need to redo your list.
  6. (Optional) Add rows with data. You can inline-edit data anytime by clicking directly inside a data field.
  7. (Optional) After or while you are adding your list items, you can sort the data ascending or descending by clicking on the arrow inside a column.
  8. (Optional) After or while you are adding your list items, you can decide if your column should be unique or mandatory by clicking on the three-dots menu.
    Please note that unique fields are always also mandatory.
  9. Click Save to save your new list.
You can inline-edit data by clicking directly clicking into a data field.
  1. Select a list from the list menu for which you want to edit data.
  2. Click on the list.
  3. Inline-edit fields that you want to change.
    Please note that the created by, created at, last modified by, and last modified at are auto-created when you create lists, and cannot be edited.
  4. Click on Save to save your list changes.
Editing an existing list
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