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The current main purpose of merging groups into one master group is to improve the Analytics data.
You can assign dispatch groups to a master group, but it will have no other effect than improving the Analytics data just yet.
Users of Fieldcode Work Place will not see if a group is part of a master group as of now. This may change with later iterations.
Dispatch groups could be adjusted in their definition, removed, merged, split as business changes require it. In cases dispatch groups are merged and a prior groups is removed, we will lose the historical continuity for the area which the company analytics would require. Therefore to be able to keep continuity, we introduce the master group layer.
Please be advised that Master Groups are currently not deletable!

Please use master groups with care, as you may impact Analytics data negatively.

  1. Inside the Fieldcode Admin Panel go to Dispatch -> Process.
  2. Click on the plus button.
  3. Enter a name for your new master group.
  4. You are now able to select this created master group from inside an item in the Dispatch groups menu.
Use case

You have a big group of dispatchers covering the whole area of Nuremberg. You don't like the merged analytics data that this bigger group produces and it was your long-term plan anyways to split the Nuremberg group into two different groups covering Nuremberg North and Nuremberg South. You, therefore, change the Dispatch Group Nuremberg and instead create the Dispatch Group Nuremberg North and Nuremberg South. Then you would create a master group called Nuremberg All. This way you would create more precise analytics data for the future, without losing old analytics data, because you did not delete groups.

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