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This application is addressed to dispatchers, that assign incoming tickets to the engineers and make appointments.

Depending on your job role it doesn’t have to stop there. As you customize and configure the Work place and utilize the available components more and more to your needs the Work place can be also an excellent tool for analysts, data enthusiasts, back-office managers, and many other job roles.

  • Work place header

  • Work place sidebar

  • Ticket Pool

  • Timeline

  • Map

  • Ticket Details

  • Ticket Pool -> often also referred to as Ticket Pool component
  • Timeline -> often also referred to as Timeline component
  • Ticket Details -> often also referred to as Ticket Details component
  • Map -> often also referred to as Map component
  • Forecasting -> often also referred to as Analytics component/PowerBI/Forecasting
  • Scheduling Assistant -> your choice to smartly schedule tickets as a dispatcher
  • Workload Calendar ->your choice to keep the workloads of your engineers on track
  • Quicklaunch  -> your choice to edit ticket details fast one-by-one
A component is part of the Work place which can be resized anytime (except the Scheduling Assistant which acts as a global system part), which can be faded in or faded out anytime, and has a dedicated focus for your work.

In the different components you will encounter terms like:

  • Workflow buttons
  • Interaction buttons
  • Tabs
You can find every particular ticket with the help of:

You can customize the whole Fieldcode Work Place experience with the help of:

  • Admin Panel
  • How to open the Scheduling assistant

    Option 1: By double-clicking on a particular ticket in the Ticket Pool.

    Option 2: From the context menu of a ticket in the Ticket Pool in the Dispatch view.

    Option 3: From the Timeline by right-clicking (opening the context menu) on Schedule ticket.

    Option 4: From the Ticket Details by right-clicking on the matching workflow button.

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