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Parts can be an important aspect of the engineers’ job for fulfilling the service on the field. Engineers on the field use parts to fulfill the service needs of customers. Parts can be attached to a ticket in two different ways inside the system. You can add parts from the context menu inside the Ticket Pool and attach parts to a ticket inside the Ticket Details.

When adding a part to the ticket some information about the part is needed. You have three options to add a part. Either from the context menu of the Ticket Pool in the Dispatch tab or General tab or directly from an open ticket in the Ticket Details.

  1. Add a part by clicking on Add Parts in the context menu of a ticket in the Dispatch tab or General tab (or from the Parts tab inside an opened ticket in the Ticket Details by clicking Add part).
  2. Add Part details.
  3. (Optional) Add shipping information.
  4. (Optional) Edit the Pick-Up-Drop-Off-Location.
  5. Click Save or Save & Create new.
  1. (Optional) Insert the part number.
  2. Insert the number of parts you want to add. You have to add at least one part.
  3. Select a part status from the drop-down (Canceled, In Shipment, Not received, Ordered, Out of Stock, Received, Recommended).
  4. Insert the name of the part.
  5. (Optional) Insert the part type.
  6. (Optional) Insert the manufacturer name of the part.
  7. (Optional) Insert the serial of the part.
  8. (Optional) Insert the order number.
  9. (Optional) Insert the order number line item.
  10. (Optional) Insert the external status of the part.
  11. (Optional) Select the usage status of the part.
  12. (Optional) Insert the failure code of the part.
  1. Select to whom the part will be delivered (Affected ->  end user,  Custom -> you decide, Engineer -> person that handles the ticket, PUDO -> Pick-Up-Drop-Off-Location).
  2. (Optional) Insert an additional shipping comment.
  3. (Optional) The part was already shipped toggle: If the part was already shipped to the location you can select this.
  4. (Optional) Part received toggle: If the part was already received you can select this.
  5. (Optional) Part returned toggle: If the part was already returned back you can select this.

If you selected Custom in the Delivered To field you will be asked to provide address data:

  1. (Optional) Insert the company name.
  2. Insert the address.
  3. (Optional) Insert the ZIP.
  4. Insert the city.
  5. (Optional) Insert the region.
  6. Select the country.

If you selected PUDO in the Delivered To field you can have two situations:

Variant A: PUDO is already in the system -> select the wished PUDO from the drop-down.

Variant B: PUDO is not in the system yet -> Create one by clicking on the Plus button:

Basic information container

  1. Decide whether the PUDO location should be activated or only drafted.
  2. Insert the name of the PUDO location.
  3. (Optional) Insert a short name of the PUDO location.
  4. (Optional) Provide additional information regarding the PUDO.
  5. (Optional) Provide the opening hours of the PUDO location to let engineers know when it’s the best time to arrive there.
  6. (Optional) Insert the From opening time in this field (eg. 08:00 AM)
  7. (Optional) Insert the TO closing time in this field (eg. 16:30 PM)
  8. (Optional) Insert the pause breaks in this field (eg. 12:00 to 13:00).

Location information container

Manual address insertion

  1. Insert the address of the PUDO location.
  2. (Optional) Insert the ZIP of the PUDO location.
  3. Insert the city of the PUDO location.
  4. (Optional) Insert the region of the PUDO location.
  5. Insert the country of the PUDO location.
  6. (Optional) Insert the Latitude of the PUDO location.
  7. (Optional) Insert the Longitude of the PUDO location.

After you have filled in all required data you can either click SAVE to save the Part OR click SAVE & CREATE NEW to directly create a new part.

Automatic address insertion

Insert the address and pin it on the map, the other fields will be filled in automatically in this case.

Parts can be managed inside the Parts tab of the Ticket Details:

  • All parts of a particular ticket can be searched in this field
  • All parts and their shipping info can be edited and added  from here also
  • Particular parts can be deleted by clicking the trash button from here also
  • Parts are sorted by descending creation date
  1. In this field, you can search for a certain part inside that specific ticket.
  2. Allows you to expand the part view.
  3. Allows you to add another part directly inside the Ticket Details.
  4. Context menu.
  5. Allows you to add shipping info directly inside the Ticket Details.
  6. Allows you to edit and delete shipping info directly inside the Ticket Details.
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