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This application is devised for administrators of the system, who adapt the system to the business needs.

The more configuration is applied in the Admin panel, the smarter Work place becomes. In the Admin panel, you can configure for example your user base for the Work place, you can configure projects for the Work place, can configure dispatch groups for the Work place, can customize Fieldcode Optimizer settings, can customize the Customer portal experience for your end users, and much more.

There are a lot of sandbox options to customize the Work Place experience exactly to your special business requirements with the help of the Admin Panel:

Admin panel has corresponding sub-menus like:

  • Users, permissions, partners…
  • Workflows, projects, forms, automated actions, conditions, indications…
  • Groups, skills, service delivery, ticket scoring, PUDOs..
  • Account, system connections…

The Admin panel homepage clusters different sections that admins are going to configure to achieve a customized Work place experience. 

  • You are going to manage user accesses for your engineers, dispatchers, partners, etc.
  • You are going to manage process-related options such as eg. workflows.
  • You are going to manage dispatch-related options such as managing dispatch groups.
  • Access configuration

  • Process configuration

  • Dispatch configuration

  • Interface configuration

  • Sidebar to quickly access all the sections and sub-sections

  • Admin panel header

  • Admin panel sidebar

  • List view of an opened menu

  • Tabs inside an selected item

  • Menu for configuration

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