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The Ticket Pool is the hotspot for incoming tickets. The Ticket Pool is clustered in different tabs, which further filter tickets depending on your use case/ job role. The Ticket Pool stores all tickets and shows relevant ones in the different tabs. For example in the dispatch tab you will only see tickets of your Dispatch group.

By clicking the expand arrow  in the component you can reveal different tabs. There you can decide and cycle through the different tabs to filter for relevant tickets depending on your use case / job role.

The four sub-tabs are: Dispatch tab, General tab, Predefined tab, Expert tab.

They all serve a different purpose:

  • Dispatch tab: The dispatch tab displays you tickets that are ready for the dispatch process.
  • General tab: The general tab lets you look for all tickets inside the ticket system.
    You can also use free-text search queries here.
  • Predefined tab: The Predefined tab lets you use queries configured in My queries.
  • Expert tab: The Expert tab lets you use filters extensively. 
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