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You have the possibility to leave a message to the dispatcher by using the Feedback button inside the Customer Portal. The Feedback will be displayed to the dispatcher which will be able to acknowledge the message accordingly. Giving feedback to the engineer could be useful when, for example, more detailed location info is required, because the engineer cannot find you or because of other circumstances that are essential for the ticket-solving process. 
This option is only available when configured by admins.
Please note that you cannot leave more than 20 messages on a ticket.

The Feedback button is located in the right-bottom corner of the Customer Portal.

Feedback button inside the Customer Portal

After clicking on the Feedback button you can leave your message to the dispatcher. Type your message and click SEND after wards.
Please note that you cannot leave more than 20 messages on a ticket and you are not allowed to exceed more than 2000 characters when formulating a message.

End users then can follow the updates on the comment by looking inside the Status Updates section inside the Customer Portal.

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