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Fieldcode provides you with a software toolset that helps you to manage your field service teams efficiently and delight your customers with smart experiences. The toolset gives you a lot of control to simplify the complexity of your field service workflow, while committing to CO2 compensation with each intervention at the same time. 

The software solution addressed to dispatchers, that assign incoming tickets to the engineers and make appointments.

Depending on your job role it doesn’t have to stop there. Depending on how you configure the work place with other components it can be a great tool for Analysts, data enthusiasts and back office managers.

The software solution devised for administrators of the system, who adapt the system to the business needs.

The more configuration is applied in the admin panel, the smarter work place becomes. Here you can configure users for FWP, projects for FWP, Dispatch groups for FWP, add Optimizer settings and much more.

The app solution designed for Fieldservice engineers, that want to keep track of their daily work.

Through the Fieldcode mobile app the engineers can access all their ticket data and record and report their work on-site. Keep your entire field operations team updated on their scheduled events and provide them with important information such as: schedule details, customer info, communication details, updates on part delivery, and route information on the map.

The live tracking app solution for ticket requestors.

The app and browser application allows end users to live track their tickets. End customers will be informed about their tickets’ status and possible ticket updates.

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