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Actions are executed immediately when a ticket passes through or enters a node. The firepath parameter can be used to trigger an action based on the path the ticket comes from. This can be useful if we want to open a form by going to the same step and the function should not be triggered again. One large action should be split into several smaller actions.

Action iconAction typeDescription
SET- Update field values of your object
GET- Fetch field values of your object
CANCEL_REMAINING_APPOINTMENTS- Cancel remaining appointments
TICKET_OUTSOURCE- Assigns a ticket to any kind of partner
- Has to be defined first (type of outsource)
TICKET_CLIPBOARD- Assigns a ticket to the clipboard
DOCUMENT_CREATE- Allows you to create a file to the ticket
- Fieldcode Support required
DOCUMENT_UPLOAD- Allows you to upload a file to the ticket
POLYGLOT- Executing a Javascript
(- Admin Page coming later)
EMAIL_SEND- Sends an email with the option to attach a file from the ticket
DYNAMIC_LIST_SEARCH- Searches items in the List menu of Admin panel
  • Getting values
  • Update the LSDT
  • Update the Address data
  • Insert time log
  • Close timestamp

In preparation!

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