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Setting up ticket durations allows you to preset a time a ticket for the engineer should take by default. The time you set up here is later represented for a ticket that is dragged to the Timeline. Setting up conditions can further help to specify which tickets should be affected by the time preset. Enabling historical data allows for a smart way of determining a good default time duration, as it takes averages from previous tickets.

Inside the Fieldcode Admin Panel go to Process → Ticket Duration

  1. Click on the plus button to open the creation form.
  2. Fill in the Basic, Filters and Historical data tabs.
  1. Decide if your new or existing ticket duration should be set to active in the system.
  2. (Optional) Insert a description for your ticket duration.
  3. Set a ticket duration in minutes. The default ticket duration (if nothing else is set) is 60 minutes.
  4. Click Save.

The filters tab lets you determine which tickets should be affected by the time duration.

Filters: Allows fine-tuning criteria for AA using comparison and logical operators.
Condition: Defines a condition for your filter criteria.
Operator: Compares the condition with the comparison (IS EQUAL TO, IS NOT EQUAL TO, IS LIKE, IS NOT LIKE, IN).
Comparison Value: Defines with which value the condition is compared.
Connector: Allows you to combine a monitored field with another monitored field (AND, OR)

Enabling historical data allows you to smartly estimate the ticket duration.
Toggle the switch to the right to enable smart ticket duration estimation.

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