Fieldcode Manual

Tip: You can use filters for better results

  • This row indicates the date that was entered in the system before any changes were made.

  • Dates marked in gray are not available for booking. This can be due to custom Customer Portal configurations or these days are bank holidays or weekends.

  • Dates marked with a yellow triangle indicate limited engineer availability. Your ticket could might get moved by dispatchers to another spot if you select this date.

  • Dates marked with a sand clock indicate the earliest (ESDT) and latest service commitment date (LSDT). Ideally, a ticket should be resolved within this time frame.

  • Dates marked with green triangles indicate the earliest and latest part availability dates. If a ticket needs special replacement parts to be resolved, the date should ideally be placed between the earliest and latest part availability date. A green triangle on the upper left indicates the first possible part available day, while a green triangle on the lower right indicates the last possible part available day.

  • Your new date selection is displayed with a border around the date.

  • This row indicates the engineer’s availability timeframe and gives you a tip if the day is good to book.

  • You have to check this checkbox to confirm the appointment booking changes.

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