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Category filters can help you narrow down search results

Ticket scoring allows you to give tickets a prioritization that should be paid attention to by the optimizer. Dependent on the score points certain categories of a ticket can have many points or fewer points and are treated by the optimizer differently. Eg. tickets with more points will be scheduled more prioritized, than tickets with a low points score. Finding the right balance here can help you achieve your company goals better, tailored to your specific business needs. The optimizer works out of the box, but giving him additional input from the Fieldcode Admin Panel, helps to optimize even better.

Inside the Fieldcode Admin Panel go to Dispatch → Ticket scoring
Expand the menu by clicking the expand arrow in the Navigation  OR click directly on the Dispatch symbol to reveal all options of Dispatch configuration.

  1. Click on the plus button to open the New rule form.
  2. Fill in the New rule tab.
Configuring different ticket scores = improving system smartness

You don't have to rely on just one ticket score. The more scores you create, the smarter the system will decide for you, as it has more data points to decide from.

  1. Decide first if your new rule should be set to active in the system.
  2. After that, you start to select a score source from the table and compare it with a value.
  3. In the final step, you select a score value from 1 to 100.
  4. Click Save after configuring your ticket score rule.
Configuring a new ticket score

The higher the points, the higher the prioritization of the Optimizer.

Score: Defines the condition for your scoring criteria.
Operator: Compares the condition with the comparison (IS EQUAL TO, IS NOT EQUAL TO, IS LIKE, IS NOT LIKE, IN).
Comparison Value: Defines with which value the condition is compared.

Calculation example

Generally spoken all tickets start with a score of 0 points if you do not do not configure anything inside Ticket scoring.
Let's assume for now you have configured three different ticket score rules in the ticket score list:
isVIP is equal to True -> 40 Points assigned
isEscalated is equal to True -> 20 points assigned
projectName is equal to "Example project" -> 30 points assigned

If a ticket matches the third condition only the ticket score would calculate as follows:
30 points assigned
 -> The ticket score would be 30.

If a ticket matches all conditions the ticket score would calculate as follows:
40 points + 20 points + 30 points
-> The ticket score would be 90 points.

Calculation formula if multiple rules apply on one ticket: 
The sum of points of all matching ticket score rules.

What is the maximum score a ticket can have?
999 points.

What is the minimum score a ticket score rule can have?
One point.

Using operators correctly

We suggest you to use the equal operators for number values and use the is like operator for text values.

The ticket scores are displayed inside Ticket Pool if you have the Score column enabled.
Learn here how to customize rows inside the Ticket Pool.

Ticket score column inside the Ticket Pool
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