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The Partner Configuration menu displays an overview of your different partner types. Currently, we differentiate between three different partner types.

Inside the Fieldcode Admin Panel go to Partners -> Partner Configuration
Expand the menu by clicking the expand arrow in the Navigation  OR click directly on the Partners symbol to reveal all options of Partner Configuration.
You can filter for already existing certain partner types and edit already existing partners in this menu.

Account Partner: Connection inside the same account!
Cooperation Partner: Connection between different accounts!
System Connection: Connection between Fieldcode system and third-party system!

Account Partners have the following characteristics:

  • They login into the same Fieldcode Account as the contractor company
  • The tickets are the same tickets as for the contractor company, the main difference is that partners have only view rights for assigned partner tickets
  • They can work on tickets in the same way a contractor company would work on the ticket

Cooperation Partners have the following characteristics:

  • They login into a different Fieldcode Account as the contractor company
  • The tickets are the same tickets as for the contractor company, the rights are self-determined, tickets get synchronized, when work on the ticket starts
  • The cooperation requestor sends a cooperation request to the potential partner via the Partner configuration menu inside Fieldcode Admin Panel
  • The cooperation partner provides the partner business key to the requestor, which can be found below the header inside the Partner configuration menu
  • The cooperation requestor receives an email with a 7-digit PIN code, that code must be entered inside the corresponding Partner configuration menu item
  • They can work on tickets in the same way a contractor company would work on the ticket
System connections have the following characteristics:
  • The system connection requestor uses a third-party accounting system
  • The Fieldcode system and Account is the contractor system
  • The third-party account system is the subcontractor system
  • The purpose of a system connection is to establish a connection from an external system and your Fieldcode Account to pass data between the two systems
  • After a system connection is created it needs to be mapped out so that data gets sent to the correct endpoint.
  • Solution engineers can easily help you with arranging the system connection, NO CODING IS REQUIRED.

Partner Account users are created in the same way as regular users. You have to go to the Fieldcode Admin panel -> Access -> Users and create the user as usual.
While creating the partner user you just check the checkbox “Is the user an External Partner?” in addition. Select the partner company afterwards.
 The Partner company has to be created first inside Fieldcode Admin Panel -> Access -> Partners

Yes, that’s possible.
Select the user you want to convert inside Fieldcode Admin Panel -> Users and check the checkbox “Is the user an external partner?”.
Select the partner company afterwards.

Inside the Fieldcode Admin Panel go to Interfaces -> Cooperations.
You can view your own business key there and share it with potential cooperation partners. The business key is located under the heading in the list view.
From there you can also request a cooperation with another partner.
You can also confirm cooperations by entering a special partner PIN, which you would receive by email.


Partners are a group of partner engineers or partner dispatchers that assist regular dispatch groups or engineers
in fulfilling their service (eg. sub-contractors).

  • Partners are able to use and utilize the Fieldcode software.
  • Partners have specific view rights inside Fieldcode that ensure privacy
    A partner can be part of a dispatch group, but a partner itself will only see his tickets (not the tickets of the whole group!).
  • Partners are always a part of a customer account (roof company).
  • Partners can be assigned from the Ticket Pool and Ticket Details.
  • Partner engineers can be identified in the Timeline by their names written in: italic typography.
  • A partner has to belong to a specific partner company that needs to be configured inside the Fieldcode Admin Panel
  • Partners are not able to use the Optimizer.
  • Partner users can only view partner engineers of a Dispatch group in the Timeline.
  • Unassigning a partner results in tickets being moved back to the Ticket Pool.

If you have multiple partners and system connections it might be difficult to keep track of all of them at once. The Partner Configuration menu can assist you with this task.
You can easily filter for one or more partner types by using the partner type filters. Let’s have a look at how to do it:

  1. Uncheck the Show all checkbox to limit your view.
  2. Filter for the partner type you need by clicking on the corresponding partner type. Uncheck all other partner types to display only that partner type.
  3. (Optional) You can also show two different partner types at once, just uncheck the one that isn’t needed in the list view.
Filtering for different partner types

You can edit basic details like the partner company general location, the operational partner area and other filters in order to create perfect partner matches for your dispatch groups.

In the basic tab you are able to add and edit the partner company name, email address and the exact partner company location.

In the Area definition tab you are able to add and edit the operational area or areas for your partner company.

In the Filters tab you are able to add and edit filter or filters to create unique matching parameters between partners and dispatch groups.

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