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The IT world is known for complex terms – but we at Fieldcode got you covered!

Users, dispatchers, engineers, admins, product managers, designers, programmers, internals, externals, and other audiences really benefit from using the same terminology while communicating with each other. 

The glossary helps to use terms correctly, helps to write terms correctly, and helps to avoid internal and external miscommunication.

Term and right spellingExamples in fluent text
Admin PanelAbbreviation for Admin panel.
AnalyticsIn the Analytics component you can do this and that.
AnonymizationThe anonymization functionality allows you to overwrite certain data fields inside Fieldcode after the retention days have passed to give you the option to comply with GDPR and data security regulations.
AppointmentThe appointment status means a ticket is waiting to be scheduled.
Asset ManagementIn the Asset Management component you can manage assets.
Automated Action (AA)An Automated Action (abbreviation AA) helps you to automatize processes like for example sending out automated emails.
Business email addressThe business email address field is field inside Fieldcode.
Business mobile numberThe business mobile number field is a field inside Fieldcode.
Business phone numberThe business phone number field is a field inside Fieldcode.
Call logThe call log historically lists all actions done with a phone.
CanceledThe canceled status means that a ticket was canceled by somebody.
Cancellation noteA cancellation note is necessary to inform somebody inside Fieldcode.
Cancellation reasonWhen closing a ticket a cancellation reason should be provided.
CategoryThe category is used to describe how a ticket should be treated.
CityThe city field is a field inside Fieldcode.
ClosedThe closed status means that a ticket is closed and cannot be edited anymore.
CNECNE stands short for Call Number External.
CNE parentThe CNE parent is ordinary to CNE.
CNICNI stands for Call Number Internal.
Company nameThe company name is a field inside Fieldcode.
ComponentA component is a building block for creating your dedicated work focus view.
CountryThe country field is a field inside Fieldcode.
Coverage codeThe coverage code field is a field inside Fieldcode.
Create new queryYou can create a new query by clicking on the create new query button
Created atThe created at field describes at which time the ticket was created.
Created byThe created by field describes by whom the ticket was created.
Creation dateThe creation date field describes at which date the ticket was created.
Customer LSDTCustomer LSDT stands for Customer Latest Service Delivery Time.
Customer PortalThe Fieldcode Customer Portal allows ticket requestors to track the ticket progress in a web browser.
Customer SLACustomer SLA stands for Customer Service Level Agreement.
Data Security AgreementThe Data Security Agreement is a contract between user and company.
DateThe date field is a field inside Fieldcode.
Default queryThe default query is a query that is selectable inside the Predefined tab.
Delivered toThe delivered to field is a field inside Fieldcode.
DeviceThe device field is a field inside Fieldcode.
Diagnosis resultThe diagnosis result is a field inside Fieldcode.
Dispatch groupA Dispatch group is a group of engineers resolving tickets.
DispatcherThe dispatcher is the person assigning tickets inside Work place.
DispatchingDispatching is the process of assigning tickets to engineers.
Drag and dropVia drag and drop you can place tickets on the Timeline or perform other actions.
Driving durationThe driving duration is the duration of the drive.
Driving timeThe driving time is the time needed for driving from point A to point B.
DropdownA dropdown is a menu that reveals other options.
EmailThe email field is a field inside Fieldcode.
End timeThe end time is a field inside Fieldcode.
End-userWe refer to the end-user as the ticket requestor.
End-user nameThe end-user name is a field inside Fieldcode.
EndpointAn endpoint is a remote computing device that communicates back and forth with a network to which it is connected.
EngineerThe engineer is a field service specialist/agent.
Entry IDThe Entry ID is a field inside Fieldcode.
Error codeThe error code is used to troubleshoot an error inside Fieldcode.
ESDTESDT is the abbreviation for Earliest Service Delivery time and is the earliest time when service could be delivered to the end user.
ETAETA is the abbreviation for Estimated Time Arrival and is a field inside Fieldcode that is used when handling with spare parts.
External LSDTExternal LSDT stands for External Latest Service Delivery Time.
External SLAExternal SLA stands for External Service Level Agreement.
External ticket IDThe external ticket ID is a field inside Fieldcode.
Fax numberThe fax number is a field inside Fieldcode.
FieldcodeFieldcode is the name of the company that provides a climate-friendly ticket system.
Admin PanelThe Admin panel is the system used to configure the Work place.
FMA appThe Fieldcode FMA app assists engineers in their daily service on the field.
Support PanelThe Support Panel gives you quick explanations for different parts of our applications.
Work PlaceThe Work place assists dispatchers in their daily business when planning and dispatching tickets.
First nameThe first name is a field inside Fieldcode.
Fixed to dateThe fixed to date is a field inside Fieldcode and describes the big time window.
ForecastingInside the Forecasting component you can gain insights how your service delivery is performing. Including a lot of business relevant details.
Grabbed byTickets can be grabbed by other dispatchers to indicate that they work on this particular ticket.
HistoryThe history tab helps you to comprehend the journey of the ticket.
House numberThe house number is a field inside Fieldcode.
In progress on-siteThe status describes that the ticket is currently being processed on-site (or via remote maintenance) by the engineer.
Info/AlertInfo and alerts are used to inform or alert the dispatcher or about a particular ticket.
Intervention infoThis intervention info is basically a .pdf which is attached by engineers and can often be found in the Attachments tab.
Last edited atThe last edited at field is a field inside Fieldcode.
Last edited byThe last edited by field is a field inside Fieldcode.
Last nameThe last name field is a field inside Fieldcode.
LoginThe Login UI is used for entering account data.
LogoutThe Logout button is used for logging out of the Fieldcode application.
LSDTThe LSDT is the abbreviation for Latest Service Delivery Time and is the latest time of when the service should be delivered to the end user.
LSDT counterThe LSDT counter counts the time down until the LSDT vanishes.
LSDT endThe LSDT end is a field inside Fieldcode.
LSDT startThe LSDT start is a field inside Fieldcode.
LSDT updateThe LSDT update is a field inside Fieldcode.
Mail logThe mail log shows mail traffic inside the History tab.
Maintenance planA maintenance plan is used to trigger tickets on a regular schedule.
ManualThe Fieldcode Manual helps you to to understand Fieldcode.
MapThe Map component is used to spot engineers on the route.
Mobile numberThe mobile number field is a field inside Fieldcode.
My queriesThe My queries menu is used to save custom queries.
My settingsThe My settings menu allows you to change general settings.
NewThe status describes a ticket that has newly entered to the system.
NPS ratingThe NPS rating is short for Net Promoter Score rating.
On-siteThe job of the on-site engineer is to fix end-user problems.
Optimize NowWith Optimize Now you can optimize your tickets.
OptimizerThe Fieldcode Optimizer assists you in scheduling tickets smartly.
Parts exact positionThe parts exact position is a field inside Fieldcode.
Pending wait on-siteThe pending wait on-site status describes a ticket that will soon be processed on-site (or via remote maintenance) by the engineer.
Phone numberThe phone number field is a field inside Fieldcode.
ProcessProcess is a menu inside Admin panel.
ProjectsProjects is a menu inside Admin panel.
PUDOPUDO is a short term for Pick-up-Drop-Off. It is the location where spare parts are exchanged.
ResolvedThe resolved status describes that a ticket was resolved; Ticket was reported; Ticket can still be edited if necessary; Opening up new interventions is still possible
Retention daysRetention days describe a time frame where data is held back.
Return tracking codeThe return tracking code field helps you track a spare part.
Scheduling AssistantYou can use the Scheduling Assistant to schedule tickets smartly (with the Optimizer giving suggestions on-the-go).
Search fieldSearch fields are the spot where you insert a query.
Search queryA search query helps you to find very particular tickets.
Shipping dateThe shipping date field is a field inside Fieldcode.
SLASLA is short for Service Level Agreement.
SLA typeThere are different types of Service Level Agreements.
Start timeThe start time is a field inside Fieldcode.
StatusThe status describes where a particular ticket is currently progressing in the workflow.
StreetThe street field is a field inside Fieldcode.
SubcategoryThe subcategory is a field inside Fieldcode.
Support PanelAbbreviation for the Fieldcode Support Panel.
SynchronizationThe synchronization is a process of fetching data inside the FMA app.
System connectionIn Admin panel you can configure a system connection to establish a connection to an external system.
TabIn Work place you can switch between different tabs. In a menu in Admin panel you can also find different tabs.
TicketEvery interaction with the customer is basically handled inside a ticket.
Ticket Details The Ticket Details component shows all relevant details of an particular ticket or of particular tickets.
Ticket info tabThe Ticket info tab inside the Ticket Pool displays all tickets that have an active Alert/Info.
Ticket Pool The Ticket Pool component displays all tickets that are in the system and allows you to filter through tabs and queries.
Ticket scoreThe ticket score helps the Optimizer to prioritize tickets.
Time & durationThe time & duration is a field inside Fieldcode.
Time zoneYou can switch between different time zones inside the Timeline.
TimelineThe Timeline component provides you with a list of engineers and helps you with planning and assigning tickets to them.
Timeline start timeThe Timeline start slider lets you decide what start time should be displayed inside the Timeline.
TimestampA timestamp is used to assign a unique time to the ticket.
Tracking codeThe tracking code helps you to identify where the part is currently located in the process of shipping.
View editorThe view editor allows you to edit the different views inside Work Place.
Workload CalendarThe Workload Calendar component allows users to easily check the workloads of selected engineers of a dispatch group in a practical calendar view.
Work noteA work note is used to give particular job instructions for the engineer.
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