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You can either use the Scheduling Assistant to schedule tickets or drag and drop a ticket directly from the Ticket Pool onto the Timeline.
Tickets can be scheduled from the Ticket Pool (Dispatch tab), Timeline, Map, and Ticket Details.
Scheduling tickets will not work from the General, Predefined or Expert tab.

Assisted Scheduling: 
In case you schedule tickets with the Scheduling Assistant, the Assistant will open if you click on Schedule appointment
in the Ticket Pool, Timeline, Map, and Ticket Details.
Quick tip: You can quickly open the Scheduling Assistant by double-clicking on a ticket in the Ticket Pool.

Manual Scheduling:
If you decide to drag & drop a ticket from the Ticket Pool onto the Timeline, you will see if the appointment fits with the help of the colors indicated in the Timeline (think of it as a traffic light for tickets).Tickets that are dragged & dropped to the Timeline are automatically locked and will not be organized by the Optimizer.

If you want to learn how the Scheduling Assistant exactly assists you in finding the best appointment, please check the topic: Scheduling Assistant.

Scheduling an appointment is possible from the Ticket Pool...
....from the Timeline....
...from the Map...
...and also from the Ticket Details.

After you clicked on Schedule ticket, the Scheduling Assistant will open. Click on the topic to learn more about the Scheduling Assistant.

If you schedule tickets manually the system will check if the current engineer is available and if the placement time makes sense.
The system also checks if the placed ticket is close to an engineer’s end shift.

If you schedule tickets with Drag & Drop you will see different colors that indicate where it would be good to drop the ticket and where not.

Red:  Placing the ticket here is not recommended by the system!
The ticket is in the past / The engineer is unavailable

Green: Placing the ticket here is recommended by the system!
The ticket is in the future / The engineer is available

Yellow: Placing the ticket here has some drawbacks!
The ticket is close to engineer’s end shift / The engineer has to do overtime

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