Fieldcode Manual

Tip: You can use filters for better results

When you plan and schedule tickets for your field service engineers you will usually follow some kind of routine.
We would like to briefly introduce you to the quick routine of scheduling your first ticket.

  1. As a dispatcher working inside the Work place, you start by opening the Ticket Pool in the Dispatch section.
  2. Then you select the Dispatch group on which you will be working from the drop-down, to see the overview of tickets.
  3. If you want to filter more, you can use the search bar next to the Dispatch group drop-down and type the detail, that the ticket or group of tickets needs to have (like status or category).
  4. Then you can dispatch the ticket manually by grabbing the ticket from the list and releasing it over the Timeline.
  5. To do this you click on the ticket you want to dispatch, hold the left mouse button and drag the ticket into the Timeline.
Dragging & Dropping a ticket to the Timeline
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