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  1. Go to the Fieldcode work place.
  2. Expand the left sidebar.
  3.  Click on Create Ticket.
  4. Select a project from the expanding menu. Projects are necessary so tickets get assigned to the right place.
  1. Insert the contact details of the affected person
  2. Insert the address details of the affected person.
  3. Insert the device details of the broken device of the affected person.
  4. Insert the  delivery details of the ticket. LSDT is the time when the ticket is due and should be resolved in best case. In this step you also decide the category of the ticket – if this is your first ticket and you don’t know what to select, select Standard.
  5. Click Save, so the ticket gets created and is visible in the Ticket Pool.
  6. (Optional) Click Save & Create New to quickly create a new ticket.
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