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The Timeline provides you with a list of engineers and helps you with planning and assigning tickets to them.

The Timeline allows you to assign tickets to engineers, publish tickets to the engineer’s Fieldcode Mobile Application, and keep track of the assigned work for the engineers in Dispatch groups. The ticket colors provide you with valuable information regarding the state of a ticket (eg. if it has arrived in the engineer’s mobile app yet).

The Optimizer, a core function of the Fieldcode Work Place, is also included in the Timeline and helps you quickly assign tickets to engineers in the best possible way with a simple click.

The Timeline component

The calendar area in the Timeline shows the list of engineers, Dispatch Groups, dispatched tickets, information regarding sick leaves/ holidays/ planned absences, and estimated driving duration.

The Timeline filled with some tickets in different statuses

The Dispatch group drop down allows you to select a group, which will reveal all engineers connected to that group in the Timeline:

Changing the dispatch group inside the Timeline

The calendar picker allows you to modify the view by selecting a different day. The Timeline will adjust information based on the selected day from the calendar. 

The date picker

It’s also possible to personalize the display of different time frames by changing the Time or changing the time in the Time & Duration slider (which will then either squeeze or expand the displayed time frames):

Picking the "Start" Time for the Timeline
Picking the Duration length that should be displayed on the Timeline

You can also display an additional time zone and assign your engineers to different subgroups to add more clarity to your Timeline.

Hovering the mouse over certain parts of the Timeline will allow you to see more detailed information about the ticket:

Displaying the Ticket Details summary

Hovering the mouse over a PUDO reveals important PUDO information:

Displaying the PUDO summary

Hovering the mouse over an engineer reveals the engineer’s details:

Displaying the engineer summary

If particular engineers use temporary locations, you will also see them displayed conveniently in the engineer summary:

Temporary locations are also displayed (if used)

The driving details reveal when hovering over the gray bar before or after a ticket:

Driving summary

The workload indicator on the left side of an engineer shows how busy an engineer currently is in a practical pie chart:

Workload indicator

You can check the base location of an engineer by clicking on the context menu of an engineer and clicking on Show base location:

Displaying the base location

The base location of this engineer will then be directly visible on the map:

Base location on the Map

If an engineer is lent out to another project or is reported sick for the day, the information will be displayed by different background highlighting and appropriate text.
A gray background for example means that the engineer is currently outside the work times. 

Additional indicators, e.g. scheduled Absences
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