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Under this tab you can configure account settings. You can check and edit your account details in this menu, like your account email address, your company details, your main Fieldcode contact, and the selected payment method.

Inside the Fieldcode Admin Panel go to Access → Account
Expand the menu by clicking the expand arrow in the navigation  OR click directly on the Account button to reveal all options of Access.

Fieldcode is free to use with up to 10 users.

When this limit is reached you are invited to change to one of our two subscription plans. Learn more about our Pricing Plans on the Fieldcode website.

Business Account Upgrade

By submitting your credit card details, you will automatically enter into our business plan. After entering our business plan you will be charged per event.

Learn more
  1. The Upgrade can be activated by going to Access → Account → Pricing Plan → UPGRADE NOW
  2. Insert your credit card number.
  3. Insert the month.
  4. Insert the year.
  5. Insert the CVV of your card.
  6. (Optional) Insert the first name of the cardholder.
  7. (Optional) Insert the last name of the cardholder.
  8. Click Submit first.
  9. Click Save afterward.

Feel free to check out our different plans either on the pricing plan tab or the Fieldcode website. You can also find our terms & conditions there.

Submitting credit card details
Payment method validation

If you do changes in the payment method tab, you need to click the Submit button before Save in order to first validate your payment method changes.

The main page allows you to check your account details, which you entered into the system when you registered. Your account details include information about the Account email address, the Custom URL, Company Details, Main Contact, Subscription type, Payment method, Data Security Agreement, and SMTP email settings.

Account Details
Subscription plan overview and SMPT Email settings
Edit Account Settings button
  1. To edit the Account you have to scroll on the main page of the Account to the right first.
  2. Then you should see the pencil button with Edit Account Settings.
  3. You can then edit the following tabs: Account Email Address, Company Details, Main Account tab, and SMTP Email address.

You can change your Account Email Address in this tab:

  1. Click on the X on your current email address.
  2. Enter your new email address in the field.
  3. Click Save.
Account Email Address tab

You can change your company details in this tab:

  1. Click on the X on the Name field and replace it with the new name.
  2. Click on the X on the Street field and replace it with the new Street name.
  3. Click on the X on the ZIP field and replace it with the new ZIP.
  4. Click on the X on the City field and replace it with the new city.
  5. Click on the X on the Country field and insert the new country.
  6. (Optional) Click on the X on the Phone number field and replace it with the new number.
  7. Click Save.
Company details tab

You can change your main contact in this tab:

  1. (Optional) Select the new salutation from the drop-down.
  2. Click on the X on the First Name field and replace it with the new First Name.
  3. Click on the X on the Last Name field and replace it with the new Last Name.
  4. Click Save.
Main contact tab

If you enable SMTP email all your automated emails will be sent from a dedicated email address. This is useful if you use for example Automated Actions and you want that emails not sent from a Fieldcode email address. Instead, you can use a dedicated email address (eg. your company email address). SMTP email settings do not affect system notifications.

In the pricing plan tab, you can view our different pricing plans and also check the current amount of users. Also, you have the possibility to book additional packages. 
Check out the change/view subscription plan topic further above to learn more about upgrading your pricing plan.

Pricing plan tab inside the Admin Panel
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