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In the Ticket Clipboard, tickets can be temporarily stored that either still require a callback to the end customer or that need to be moved there due to not reaching the customer. Tickets that are assigned to a cooperation partner or tickets that are connected to another system will also be moved there. 

The Ticket Clipboard is split into two different tabs: Pending and Outsourced.
Pending tab: Contains end user not reached and callback required tickets.
Outsourced tab: Contains outsourced tickets for the following two partner types: Cooperation partners and System connections.
Account Partners are currently not moved of the Ticket Clipboard automatically – however – you can still manually move the whole ticket over to Pending tab if required.
You can filter for partner types or show all partner types by clicking the checkbox.

Inside the Fieldcode Work Place click on  to open the Ticket Clipboard tab in the Ticket Pool component.

Pending List tab
Outsourced Tickets tab
There are exactly three cases when it makes absolute sense to move tickets to the ticket clipboard manually.
  • In case you can’t reach the end user and therefore want the ticket out of sight from the Dispatch tab.
  • In case there is a callback required with the customer and therefore you want the ticket out of sight from the Dispatch tab.
  • In case you want the ticket out of sight from the Dispatch tab for other reasons.
  • Tickets that were outsourced to Cooperation Partners or system-connected tickets will be moved automatically to the Ticket Clipboard.

You can remove tickets from the clipboard by using the  context menu of a ticket (right-click on a ticket) →  Remove from Ticket Clipboard. The ticket will be moved back to the Ticket Pool.  You can also easily remove tickets from the Ticket Clipboard by clicking the workflow button Remove Pending inside the Ticket Details.

  1. Open the context menu by right-clicking on a ticket in the Ticket Pool and click Move to Ticket Clipboard.
  2. Inside the Move to clipboard popup click on either Callback required or Enduser not reached.
    Callback required: The enduser wants to be called back. It is mandatory to enter to whom you talked to. You can then pick either a time duration (time that a ticket should stay inside the Clipboard) or alternatively configure a custom end date & time (time when a ticket should move out of the Ticket Clipboard automatically). You can also enter a comment if you want.
    End user not reached: In case you couldn’t reach the enduser you can pick this option. Please note that based on the project settings the ticket might not be moved to the clipboard, because it is configured by your admins that way.
    You can also enter a comment if you want.
  3. Click Save.
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