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The button option defines the available buttons and the triggers accessible on a node.
Buttons are only visible if the target path is accessible to the current user (permissions). 
Buttons are inherited from a parent to a child.

Button IconButton typeDescription
MAIN_ACTUATORPresents FMA app buttons in detail view.
TICKET_INFO_ACTUATORPresents FMA app buttons on ticket info view and is used specifically for the FMA ticket info creation.
WORKFLOW_BUTTONPresents workflows buttons inside the Ticket Details of Work place. Workflow buttons can be controlled by permissions.
OTHER_BUTTONPresents destinations inside the Workflow Monitoring of Admin panel. This button can trigger tickets to move to a specific node.
  • Open a form
  • Trigger a ticket to a direct node
  • Trigger ticket to a deep link path

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