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You can easily create intervention infos automatically, which will then be visible and downloadable in the Attachments tab of the Ticket Details.
Intervention infos summarize some crucial Ticket Details and can assist in the organizational tasks of your company.
When you create intervention info via the Create Intervention Info workflow button, a history entry will be created and the auto-generated intervention info will start to be visible and downloadable in the Attachments tab. The format of the intervention info will be in .pdf.

  1. If the ticket is scheduled you should start to be able to create Intervention infos.
  2. Inside the Ticket Details click on the Create Intervention Info workflow button.
The "Create Intervention Info" workflow button inside the Ticket Details
  1. The Intervention Info will be publicly visible and downloadable inside the Attachments tab of the Ticket Details component.
Attachments tab with the newly added intervention info
  1. You can then download and view the Info and use it for further organizational tasks.
  • Company name

  • Project infos

  • Service location infos

  • Appointment details

  • Additional information

  • Ticket Details

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