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The ticket goes through different statuses until being resolved. You can check the default statuses below. 
If your company demands it, our Fieldcode Support team can implement and configure custom statuses. Statuses can also depend and be driven by your workflow configuration, so the statuses available may differ from the below-mentioned default statuses.

NewThe ticket has been recently added to Work place and awaits next steps.
AppointmentThe ticket awaits to be scheduled by the dispatcher.
Pending Wait OnsiteThe ticket will soon be processed on-site (or via remote maintenance) by the engineer.
In Progress OnsiteThe ticket is currently being processed on-site (or via remote maintenance) by the engineer.
ResolvedThe ticket has been resolved; Ticket has been reported; Ticket can still be edited if necessary; Opening up new interventions is still possible.
ClosedThe ticket has been closed; editing the ticket is not possible anymore.
CanceledThe ticket has been canceled.

The symbols that are displayed inside the Ticket Pool are called ticket icons and can be configured by admins or users via the Admin panel.

They are also referred to as Conditions and Indications inside the Admin panel.
To learn the conditions meaning or the Indications meaning simply hover your cursor over the alert to get additional information (eg. appointment times).

The ticket contains spare parts.
The ticket has an appointment date.
The ticket has been grabbed by somebody from the system.
The ticket has been grabbed by you.
The ticket has important information stored (typical indication, eg. too many repair attempts).
The ticket has a warning, this is one step before it gets critical, therefore needs attention.
The ticket is critical and needs urgent attention.
The ticket has been
escalated (eg. further advice needed etc. pp.)
The ticket is in a VIP status (eg. important customer).
The ticket is not optimizable by the optimizer. You can change this behavior for each ticket individually.
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