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The Workflow Monitoring tool inside the Admin panel gives you a troubleshooting option for stuck tickets avoiding the need of contacting support in some cases.

Please ensure that you granted permissions for Ticket Workflow Monitoring!

Admins should have permissions for Ticket Workflow Monitoring enabled by default. However, If permissions are not enabled, please those rights via
Access -> Permissions-> Security Resources ->Admin Panel Category -> Navigation: Access -> Page: Ticket Workflow Aid -> View + Edit rights.

Please only fix tickets manually when you do not see workflow buttons anymore!

This functionality is not intended to be used for manually advancing issues.
It is intended as a self-help feature, in case you are unable to progress a ticket in any direction due to differing reasons.

In the uncommon case that a ticket gets stuck inside Work Place you can try to self-help yourself and fix stuck tickets manually.
If moving tickets to a different step by yourself doesn’t solve your specific problem you can always contact Fieldcode Support.

A stuck ticket is a ticket that cannot be moved forward to another step by triggering the workflow buttons.

Let’s have a look at how to do it:

  1. Go to the Admin Panel.
  2. Go to Process -> Ticket Workflow Monitoring.
  3. Enter the CNI of the stuck ticket in the search field.
  4. Click Enter on your keyboard.
  5. Green buttons that have a context menu can be used to move the ticket to a different step manually.
  6. Click on the context menu of the step you want the ticket to move to.
  7. Click on Send ticket to this step.
If you are not sure about what the steps mean, how they relate to a status, etc. - please check out the following topics first:
Finding a ticket and skipping steps

You can check the previous path a ticket has gone through via the Ticket Workflow Monitoring menu. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Go to the Admin Panel.
  2. Go to Process -> Ticket Workflow Monitoring.
  3. Enter the CNI of the ticket you want to check.
  4. Click Enter on your keyboard.
  5. Click on the Ticket path button in the upper-right in order to understand the path a ticket went through.
Checking the ticket path
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