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Field nameDescription
Additional infoAdditional info
AppointmentAppointment time
Cancel noteNote why the ticket got canceled
Cancel reasonReason why the ticket got canceled
CategoryTicket category
CNE parentCNE parent number
Coverage CodeCoverage code
Customer LSDTCustomer LSDT
Customer SpecialCustomer special
DescriptionDetailed error description
Diagnose resultdisplays the result of diagnostics
Dispatch groupDisplays the group(s) the ticket is assigned to
EngineerName of the engineer
Estimated durationExpected duration
MemosCreated memos
Preferred appointmentPreferred appointment time
Skill levelRequired Skill level
Specification ReferenceSpecification reference
SubcategoryTicket Subcategory
Ticket creationTicket creation timestamp
Ticket importedTicket imported timestamp

The overview tab inside the Ticket Details gives you basic information of the ticket and a extended problem description of the affected device. It further describes detailed information about Indications and Conditions.

Go to the Ticket Details → Click OVERVIEW

The Overview tab is further split in three sub-tabs which are all explained separately.

These tabs are: TicketIndicationCondition.

To learn more about the information they contain, and what is possible there, please click on the dedicated topics.

The Ticket tab (Sub tab) inside the Overview tab consists of basic information about the ticket which are explained below.

Go to the Ticket Details → OVERVIEW → TICKET

Some fields have the option to search quickly for related tickets. This is especially useful as it is a shortcut to find related tickets. Currently Category has this option:

  1. Click the Search loup in the corresponding field.
  2. Click Search or Search in new tab.
  3. General view should open – with the corresponding query prefilled.
  4. A further click on the search button will show corresponding tickets in the Ticket Pool.

The indication tab (Sub tab) inside the Overview tab lists all basic information about indications the ticket has.

Go to the Ticket Details → OVERVIEW → INDICATION

The tab shows the Indication type and the corresponding description of the Indication. Indications can be configured in admin panel.

The condition tab (Sub tab) inside the Overview tab lists all basic information about conditions the ticket has.

Go to the Ticket Details → OVERVIEW → CONDITION

The tab shows the Condition type, shows since when the ticket has the corresponding condition and further describes the condition.

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