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Tickets can have different colors in the Timeline. Learn about their meaning here.

Ticket colorStatusExplanation
ASSIGNEDThe ticket is assigned to an engineer. An appointment still needs to be scheduled with the customer.
SCHEDULEDThe ticket has a scheduled appointment with the customer. The ticket is not visible for the engineer.
PUBLISHEDThe ticket is waiting for being synchronized with the Fieldcode mobile app in order to be visible for assigned engineer.
SYNCHRONIZEDThe ticket is visible in the assigned engineers mobile app and is waiting for service delivery.
PUBLISHED - WITH POTENTIAL DELAYThe delivery might not be possible within the scheduled time, as no work start/end has been reported yet.
PUBLISHED - DELAYThe ticket cannot be delivered within the scheduled time as no work start/end time has been reported.
DELIVEREDThe ticket has been reported on and delivery is done.
ERRORThere is a problem with the ticket processing. Please reach out to Fieldcode support.
Ticket indicationStateExplanation
UNLOCKEDThe ticket is controlled by the optimizer. To take over control, right click on the ticket and click "Lock ticket".
LOCKEDThe ticket is controlled by the dispatcher and blocked for the optimizer. To release control, right click on the ticket and click "Unlock ticket".

Do you notice that the left part of the ticket always has a certain color (in our case green)? This color doesn’t have to be green all the time – it reflects the color of the project, that was setup in admin panel. The left color on a ticket indicates the project color and helps you easily distinguish between different projects – right from the Timeline. 

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