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Tickets have different colors in the Timeline. Each color has a different meaning.

Ticket colorStatusExplanation
ASSIGNEDThe ticket is assigned to an engineer. An appointment still needs to be scheduled with the customer.
SCHEDULEDThe ticket has a scheduled appointment with the customer. The ticket is not visible to the engineer.
PUBLISHEDThe ticket is waiting for being synchronized with the Fieldcode mobile app in order to be visible to the assigned engineer.
SYNCHRONIZEDThe ticket is visible in the assigned engineer's mobile app and the service delivery takes place.
PUBLISHED - POTENTIAL DELAYThe delivery might not be possible within the scheduled time, as no work start/end has been reported yet.
PUBLISHED - DELAYThe ticket cannot be delivered within the scheduled time as no work start/end time has been reported.
DELIVEREDThe ticket has been reported and the service delivery is done.
ERRORThe ticket has an error. This can happen due to a data issue or other technical/processing problems. Please double-check on ticket/appointment data correctness and contact support in case the error persists or cannot be solved.
Ticket indicationIndicatorExplanation
VIP (Star)
• The VIP indicator displays that the ticket should be handled with a higher priority. Higher-priority tickets should be prioritized.
• The Locked indicator displays that a ticket has been locked by a user. Locked tickets are not moved by the Optimizer anymore.
• The escalation indicator displays that a ticket has been escalated. Ticket escalation is the process a company follows to move an end user issue to a higher-level support agent or manager.

The exclamation mark indicates overlapping tasks for the same time slot.
Overlapping tasks indicate that there either is another ticket scheduled for the same time slot or another PUDO pick-up is scheduled for the same time slot.

Overlapping ticket indication

The color indicates the project that has been assigned to the ticket. To help you easily distinguish between tickets for different projects inside the Ticket Pool and the Timeline, the left color on a ticket represents the project color. Project colors can be configured inside the Fieldcode Admin Panel. 

Project colors in the Ticket Pool

Project colors in the Timeline

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