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This application is devised for end users that have a ticket request via the Fieldcode system.

Fieldcode gives end users the easy option to track tickets and the ticket progress. Inside the Customer Portal end users can also book and change appointments (if configured that way) and administrators can also customize the whole Customer Portal experience for Field Service ticket requestors/end users.

The Customer Portal delights administrators and end users in different ways:

  • Administrators have the flexibility to configure and customize the Customer Portal experience to business needs
  • End users have the option to easily track the ticket progress, and if enabled, book and change appointments

End users can track open tickets via the browser. Live tracking of a ticket allows ticket requestors to understand which status a ticket currently is and where the engineer/technician is currently located. This helps ticket requestors to be aware of the upcoming service delivery window. Depending on the business configuration end users will be also able to book and change appointments on their own. However, the Customer Portal can be also just used to only allow tracking the ticket progress without the allowance to change appointments.

The functionality has to be configured first via Automated Actions inside Fieldcode Admin Panel, otherwise, end users will not receive the tracking link to the Customer Portal.

You have a ticket that is being resolved via Fieldcode?

End customers that want to track the ticket progress might be particularly interested in the "Best practices" sections of the Customer Portal.

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Customer Portal - Web view
Customer Portal - Mobile view
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