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The third phase of resolving a ticket is usually the actual appointment phase.
After tapping the I arrived at the location button the engineer displays readiness to the dispatcher for the on-site job.
The appointment phase assists the engineer with the actual work on-site.
Tap the 
Start button in the ticket to initiate the appointment.

Engineers can now check again tasks in the tasks screen and meanwhile resolve the problem on-site.
You can also tap the Pause button while doing the on-site task to stop the timer for the ticket or the whole appointment.
After finishing the work on the ticket or child tickets the engineer can finish the ticket.
After finishing all tickets on-site the engineer can tap the Finish button for the appointment.

The final phase of the appointment is the Report phase.

The START button initiates the appointment and can be triggered from the top bar inside an appointment.
 You will see a tool icon after clicking the START button which indicates the dispatcher that you started working on the ticket.

The START button inside the Tickets tab starts the work process on the ticket.

You can tap the Pause button while doing the on-site task to stop the timer for the ticket or the whole appointment.

The FINISH button inside the the Tickets tab finishes the work process on the ticket.

The finish button informs the dispatchers that you finished working on the ticket. You can trigger it either from the top bar or from the Ticket tab. 
Tap on Yes again to confirm that the appointment is finished.

In the example below the engineer didn’t finish the work on the ticket just yet,
therefore the engineer has to finish the ticket first, before closing the appointment and proceeding to report!

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