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Tip: You can use filters for better results

The whole life cycle of the ticket, starting from the Ticket’s import until the current status is described in the History tab.
Inside the Work Place go to Ticket Details → HISTORY 

The History tab displays the entire history of a particular ticket. All events for this ticket are listed chronologically and in different categories.
HistoryDisplays steps and automated action events. Loop prevention messages will also be displayed within this category. This can include info about custom workflows.
Ticket InfoDisplays ticket-info related occurrences. This includes Customer Portal related communication as well, which is technically a ticket info. The content might be visible, depending on type and situation.
Communication logDisplays communication-related history logs. This includes Emails and SMS communication traffic notifications, but not the content.
LSDT UpdatesIf LSDT details were changed, updates will be visible.
Time logDisplays technical information related to status and timestamps of the ticket. This can include info about custom workflows.
Email logShows technical information related to status and timestamps of the ticket.
CalllogDisplays information related to unsuccessful attempts to contact end user.
User interactionDisplays interactions from the user with the ticket: Adding/removing escalation, Grabbing/ungrabbing the ticket, Adding/Removing VIP flag, assigning/unassigning partners, adding and removing skills, as well as pop-up form interactions.

You can search for particular history entries by entering a keyword inside the search box and hitting the enter button.

Searching for particular histoy entries

You can filter for one or more history enter types by selecting the desired filter or filters.
Currently, history entries are categorized by: History, Ticket info, MailLogs, LSDT Updates, Time logs, Call logs, and User interactions.

The Reset filters button on the left side will reset all filters and display every category again.

Filtering for particular history entries

You can expand all or particular history entries to find out more about particular history entries.
If you want to expand all history entries at once, click the Expand logs button in the top-right.
If you want to expand one particular history entry, simply expand the entry by clicking the expand arrow of an entry.

Expanding all or particular history entries
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