Fieldcode Manual

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Fieldcode Embedded Python is a simplified code support solution for our configurable systems using the Python 2.7 syntax.

Please keep in mind that we do not provide full-blown Python support.
This implementation aims to make our customers’ lives easier by providing a familiar environment without exposing our system to potential threats.

Arithmetic operationsYes
Date & Time manipulationYes
Field/index (re-)assignmentNoIn our implementation all objects are considered immutable.
If/else statementsYes
For/while statementsNoFilter, Map, All and any methods are available to iterate collections
Try/except statementsNo
Class definitionsNo
Function definitionsNo
IO functionsNo
  • Global functions and data types
    Definition of globally available functions and data types.
  • fcdatetime module
    Custom module for Date & Time manipulation, utilizing offset date times.
  • fcinterface module
    Custom module for interface-specific operations, such as HTTP requests, predefined action execution, and flow control. Available in the Interface system only.
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