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Tip: You can use filters for better results

  • Search queries can be used to find tickets or a set of tickets in Work Place.
  • Queries can be used for a very granular search.
  • Search queries can be combined with the aid of logical operators and can therefore help you to find very specific ticket clusters.
  • Further below you can find a lot of hands-on examples to learn more about queries and to learn how to combine them with logical operators.
  • The search query table at the bottom of this topic gives you the possibility to instantly copy & paste queries over to Fieldcode Work Place.
Query prefixes explained
  • "affected" queries refer to ticket requestor data 
  • "currentIntervention" queries only display results for the last appointment and not the ones before
  • "intervention" queries refer to appointment data 
  • "items" queries refer to Part data
  • "items.currentshipping" queries only display results for the last shipment and not the ones before 
Quick tips for using the below search query table
  • You can use the search field inside the query table below to find a search query faster
  • You can sort ascending or descending by using the arrows inside the table
  • You can copy queries and paste them inside the Ticket Pool, just change the value according to your desired value
  • Please be advised that the technical time is used for date & time fields, therefore UTC time offset must be added or subtracted in the input for desired results to be displayed. Example: You are a dispatcher in a UTC+2 time zone and want to find a ticket with a particular LSDT time and date (eg. 01/08/2023 at 08:00). Instead of typing lsdt:202308010800, you would instead type lsdt:2023080600 to find the desired ticket.
  • Please note that some queries search through the backend (eg. enum, special IDs, etc.), these are labeled as technical query in the table below.
    Queries that search in the backend may search for terms that are not visible to end users within the applications. 
QueryField Label & PathDescription & ContextData Type
affectedAddressNote:"Fourth floor - first right"Address notestring
affectedCompany:"DEMO GmbH"CompanyCompany Namestring
affectedCountryCode:DECountry codestring
affectedMail1:""Primary customer emailstring
affectedMail2:""Secondary customer emailstring
affectedPhone1:“00391233456“Primary customer phone number string
affectedPhone2:“0039-1233456“Secondary customer phone number string
affectedSite:“DEMO CORP Ltd.“Site address On-site addressstring
affectedStreet:TucherstrasseStreet namestring
affectedStreetNumber:"13"Street numberstring
affectedTimezoneId:“Europe/Berlin"Timezone IDTimezone Identifier text eg. "Africa/Juba"string
affectedUser:“John Doe“Contact person; Customer name; End user name Contact person; Customer name; End user name string
affectedZip:90409 ZIP codestring
assetTag:“example tag“ Asset tag string
category:"Installation, Move, Add, Change, and Disposal"CategoryTicket Category, eg. "Break and fix"string
categoryConstantDisplayText:ANYTEXTCategory labelCategory Label text which is displayed inside the picker in the Ticket creation form, eg. "Ticket category*"string
clipboard:trueClipboardTickets which are inside the Ticket Clipboardboolean
closed:202306020800ClosedThe closure date of a ticket is the reference for this search field, eg. 02/06/2023 08:00string($date-time)
cne:A47Call Number ExternalCNEstring
cneParent:A47Call Number External ParentCNE Parentstring
cni:39Call Number InternalCNIinteger($int32)
conditions.constantDescription:ANYTEXTDescription (Conditions)The condition description text value of a ticket with condition is the reference for this searchstring
conditions.constantEnumeration:ANYTEXTConstant Enumeration (Conditions)The constant enumeration is a internal representation value that is used to map conditions, eg. "BREAK_FIX"string
conditions.criticalTime:202306020800Critical time (Conditions)The critical time of a ticket with condition, eg. 02/06/2023 08:00 (UTC time offset must be added or subtracted in the input in order for desired results to be displayed)string($date-time) (Conditions)integer($int64)
conditions.warnTime:202306020800Warning time (Conditions)The warning time of a ticket with condition, eg. 02/06/2023 08:00 (UTC time offset must be added or subtracted in the input in order for desired results to be displayed)string($date-time)
container:trueContainerTickets which are container ticketsboolean
containerId:237Container IDTickets which are child ticketsinteger($int64)
creation:202306020800CreationThe creation date is the reference for this search field, eg. 02/06/2023 08:00string($date-time)
currentIntervention.appointment.cancelComment:ANYTEXTCancel comment (Appointment/Current interventionstring
currentIntervention.appointment.canceled:trueCanceled (Appointment/Current intervention)boolean
currentIntervention.appointment.cancelReason:ANYTEXTCancel reason (Appointment/Current interventionstring
currentIntervention.appointment.comment:ANYTEXTComment (Appointment/Current intervention)string
currentIntervention.appointment.dispatched:trueDispatched (Appointment/Current intervention)Tickets which have been publishedboolean
currentIntervention.appointment.dispatchedFrom:20230602Dispatched From (Appointment/Current intervention)string($date-time)
currentIntervention.appointment.dispatchedTo:20230602Dispatched To (Appointment/Current intervention)string($date-time)
currentIntervention.appointment.dispatchGroup:NurembergDispatch Group (Appointment/Current Intervention)Dispatch Groupstring
currentIntervention.appointment.fixedFrom:20230602Fixed From (Appointment/Current intervention)string($date-time)
currentIntervention.appointment.fixedTo:20230602Fixed To (Appointment/Current intervention)string($date-time) (Appointment/Current intervention)integer($int64)
currentIntervention.appointment.isFixedResource:trueEngineer; Technician; Is locked (Appointment/Current intervention)Tickets with locked engineerboolean
currentIntervention.appointment.locked:trueLocked Appointment (Appointment/Current intervention)Tickets where the appointment has been locked on the Timeline and cannot be touched by the Optimizerboolean
currentIntervention.appointment.preferredFrom:20230602Preferred From (Appointment/Current intervention)string($date-time)
currentIntervention.appointment.preferredTo:20230602Preferred To (Appointment/Current intervention)string($date-time)
currentIntervention.appointment.proposedFrom:20230602Proposed From (Appointment/Current intervention)string($date-time)
currentIntervention.appointment.proposedTo:20230602Proposed To (Appointment/Current intervention)string($date-time)
currentIntervention.appointment.status:ANYTEXTStatus (Appointment/ Current intervention)Tickets with a particular workflow statusstring
currentIntervention.appointment.undispatched:trueUndispatched (Appointment/Current intervention)boolean
currentIntervention.appointment.undispatchedV2:trueUndispatched V2 (Appointment/Current intervention)boolean
currentIntervention.appointment.userId:ANYTEXTUser ID (Appointment /Current intervention)Technical querystring
currentIntervention.appointment.userName:"Ralph Smuthers"User name (Appointment/Current intervention)Tickets by assigned engineer, technician namestring
currentIntervention.duration:?Duration (Current intervention)Tickets by duration (in seconds)integer($int32)
currentIntervention.durationEnd:202306020800Duration end (Current intervention)The duration end is the reference for this search field, eg. 02/06/2023 08:00string($date-time)
currentIntervention.durationStart:202306020800Duration start (Current intervention)The duration start is the reference for this search field, eg. 02/06/2023 08:00string($date-time)
currentIntervention.durationType:ANYTEXTDuration type (Current intervention)string
currentIntervention.lsdtMiss:trueLSDT Miss (Current intervention)Tickets where the LSDT has been missedboolean
currentIntervention.reportingSuccessful:trueReporting successful (Current intervention)Tickets where the Reporting was succesfulboolean
currentIntervention.reportingUserId:34Reporting user ID (Current intervention)string
currentIntervention.reportingUserName:"John Doe"Reporting user name (Current intervention)string
currentIntervention.reportingWorkNote:ANYTEXTReporting work note (Current intervention)string
description:ANYTEXTDescriptionTickets with a particular ticket descriptionstring
deviceCategory:DesktopDevice CategoryDevice Categorystring
directConnections.directConnectionHealth:ANYTEXTSystem connection health (System connections)string
directConnections.directConnectionStatus:ANYTEXTSystem connection status (System connections)string
directConnections.directConnectionSystemName:ANYTEXTSystem connection status name (System connections)string
directConnectionStatus:ANYTEXTSystem connection status (System connection)string
directConnectionSystemName:ANYTEXTSystem connection system namestring (Dispatch groups)Technical querystring
dispatchStatuses.appointment:20230602Appointment (Dispatch statuses)Tickets which are in status "Appointment"integer($int32)
dispatchStatuses.executionDelayStart:20230602Delay start (Dispatch statuses)string($date-time) (Dispatch statuses)Technical querystring
dispatchStatuses.nonExecutionRiskStart:20230602Non execution risk start (Dispatch statuses)Technical querystring($date-time)
dispatchStatuses.status:ANYTEXTStatus (Dispatch statuses)Technical querystring
errorCode:A23527ASEEE0Error codeError Codestring
escalation:trueEscalation Escalation flagged ticketsboolean
escalationReason:ANYTEXTEscalation reasonstring
esdt:202306020800Earliest Service Delivery TimeThe Earliest Service Delivery Time is the reference for this search field, eg. 02/06/2023 08:00string($date-time)
estimatedDuration:202306020800Estimated durationThe estimated duration is the reference for this search field, eg. 02/06/2023 08:00integer($int32) "49.454420"Latitude (Geolocation)number($double)
geolocation.lon:"54.031372"Longitude (Geolocation)number($double)
indications.constantDescription:ANYTEXTConstant description (Indications)string
indications.constantEnumeration:ANYTEXTConstant enumeration (Indications)string (Indications)integer($int64)
indications.isCritical:trueCritical (Indications)Critical flagged tickets (Info/Alert/Part)boolean
indications.isInfo:trueInfo (Indications)Info flagged tickets (Info/Alert/Part)boolean
indications.isWarning:trueWarning -> IndicationsWarning flagged tickets (Info/Alert/Part)boolean
interventions.appointments.cancelComment:ANYTEXTCancel comment (Appointments/ Interventions)string
interventions.appointments.canceled:trueCanceled (Appointments/Interventions)boolean
interventions.appointments.cancelReason:ANYTEXTCancel reason ( Appointments/Interventions)string
interventions.appointments.comment:ANYTEXTComment (Appointments /Interventions)string
interventions.appointments.dispatched:trueDispatched (Appointments /Interventions)boolean
interventions.appointments.dispatchedFrom:20230602Dispatched from (Appointments /Interventions)string($date-time)
interventions.appointments.dispatchedTo:20230602Dispatched to (Appointments /Interventions)string($date-time)
interventions.appointments.dispatchGroup:ANYTEXTDispatch groups (Appointments /Interventions)string
interventions.appointments.fixedFrom:20230602Fixed from (Appointments/ Interventions)string($date-time)
interventions.appointments.fixedTo:20230602Fixed to (Appointments/Interventions)Fixed to datestring($date-time) (Appointments /Interventions)integer($int64)
interventions.appointments.isFixedResource:trueLocked resource; locked engineer, locked technician (Appointments/Interventions)boolean
interventions.appointments.locked:trueLocked Appointments (Appointments/Interventions)boolean
interventions.appointments.preferredFrom:20230602Preferred from Appointments/Interventions)string($date-time)
interventions.appointments.preferredTo:20230602Preferred to (Appointments/Interventions)string($date-time)
interventions.appointments.proposedFrom:20230602Proposed from (Appointments/Interventions)string($date-time)
interventions.appointments.proposedTo:20230602Proposed to (Appointments/Interventions)string($date-time)
interventions.appointments.status:ANYTEXTStatus (Appointments /Interventions)string
interventions.appointments.undispatched:trueUndispatched (Appointments/Interventions)boolean
interventions.appointments.undispatchedV2:trueUndispatched V2 /Appointments/Interventions)boolean
interventions.appointments.userId:ANYTEXTUser ID (Appointments/Interventions)string
interventions.appointments.userName:ANYTEXTUser name (Appointments/Interventions)string
interventions.durations.duration:20230602Duration (Durations/Interventions)string($date-time)
interventions.durations.end:20230602End (Durations/Interventions)string($date-time)
interventions.durations.start:20230602Start (Durations/ Interventions)string($date-time)
interventions.durations.type:20230602Type (Durations/Interventions)string($date-time) (Interventions)integer($int64)
interventions.lsdtMiss:trueLSDT miss (Interventions)boolean
interventions.reportingSuccessful:trueReporting successful (Interventions)boolean
interventions.reportingUserId:ANYTEXTReporting user ID (Interventions)string
interventions.reportingUserName:ANYTEXTReporting user name (Interventions)string
interventions.reportingWorkNote:ANYTEXTReporting work note (Interventions)string
inWarranty:trueIn warrantyboolean
isInfoInProgress:trueInfo (In Progress)Tickets which have a ticket infoboolean
items.condition:ANYTEXTCondition (Parts)string
items.currentShipping.addressNote:ANYTEXTAddress note (Current shipping/ Parts)string (Current shipping/Parts)string
items.currentShipping.comment:ANYTEXTComment (Current shipping/Parts)string (Current shipping/Parts)string (Current shipping/Parts)string
items.currentShipping.countryCode:ANYTEXTCountry code (Current shipping/Parts)string
items.currentShipping.deliveryServiceUrl:ANYTEXTDelivery service URL (Current shipping/Parts)string
items.currentShipping.deliveryType:ANYTEXTDelivery typestring
items.currentShipping.estimatedDate:20230602Estimated date (Current shipping/Parts)string($date-time) (Current shipping/ Parts)string
items.currentShipping.notReceivedBy:ANYTEXTReceived by (Current shipping/Parts)string
items.currentShipping.notReceivedDate:20230602Not received date (Current shipping/Parts)string($date-time)
items.currentShipping.notReceivedReason:ANYTEXTNot received reason (Current shipping/Parts)string
items.currentShipping.pudo:ANYTEXTPUDO (Current shipping/Parts)string
items.currentShipping.receivedBy:ANYTEXTReceived by (Current shipping/Parts)string
items.currentShipping.receivedDate:20230602Received date (Current shipping/Parts)string($date-time)
items.currentShipping.returnedBy:ANYTEXTReturned by (Current shipping/Parts)string
items.currentShipping.returnedDate:20230602Returned date (Current shipping/Parts)string($date-time)
items.currentShipping.shipped:trueShipped (Current shipping/Parts)boolean
items.currentShipping.shippingDate:20230602Shipping date (Current shipping/Parts)string($date-time)
items.currentShipping.shippingPartner:ANYTEXTShipping partner (Current shipping/Parts)string
items.currentShipping.shippmentCondition:ANYTEXTShipment condition (Current shipping/Parts)string
items.currentShipping.startingDate:20230602Starting date (Current shipping/Parts)string($date-time)
items.currentShipping.state:ANYTEXTState (Current shipping/Parts)string
items.currentShipping.street:ANYTEXTStreet (Current shipping/Parts)string
items.currentShipping.streetNumber:ANYTEXTStreet number (Current shipping/Parts)string
items.currentShipping.trackingCode:ANYTEXTTracking code (Current shipping/Parts)string (Current shipping /Parts)string
items.description:ANYTEXTDescription (Parts)string
items.entryId:ANYTEXTEntry ID (Parts)string
items.externalStatus:ANYTEXTExternal status (Parts)string
items.failureCode:ANYTEXTFailure code (Parts)string (Parts)string
items.manufacturer:ANYTEXTManufacturer (Parts)string (Parts)string
items.orderNumber:ANYTEXTOrder number (Parts)string
items.orderNumberLineItem:ANYTEXTOrder number line item (Parts)string
items.partNumber:ANYTEXTPart number (Parts)string
items.quantity:5Quantity; Sum; Total (Parts)integer($int32)
items.reference:ANYTEXTReference (Parts)string
items.replacedSerial:ANYTEXTReplaced serial (Parts)string
items.serial:ANYTEXTSerial (Parts)string
items.status:ANYTEXTStatus (Parts)string
items.type:ANYTEXTType (Parts)string
items.usage:ANYTEXTUsage (Parts)string
lsdt:202306020800Latest Service Delivery TimeThe Latest Service Delivery Time is the reference for this search field, eg. 02/06/2023 08:00string($date-time)
manufacturerName:ANYTEXTManufacturer namestring
model:"MacBook Air M2"ModelDevicestring
multiUndispatched:trueMulti undispatchedboolean
outsourced:trueOutsourced; Partnerboolean
outSourcingName:ANYTEXTOutsourcing namestring
outsourcingType:ANYTEXTOutsourcing typestring
outsourcingValue:ANYTEXTOutsourcing valuestring
partnerName:"Dubbing brothers"Partner namePartner namestring
productLine:ANYTEXTProduct linestring
projectId:2Project IDinteger($int32)
serialProvided:ANYTEXTSerial providedstring
shortDescription:ANYTEXTShort descriptionstring (Skills)string
skills.level:1Level (Skills)integer($int64) (Skills)string
skills.weight:3Weight (Skills)number($double)
slaEnumeration:ANYTEXTSLA enumerationstring
sourceConstantDisplayText:ANYTEXTDisplay text (Ticket source)string
sourceConstantEnumeration:ANYTEXTEnumeration (Ticket source)string
specificationReference:ANYTEXTSpecification referencestring
status:"PENDING WAIT ONSITE"StatusTickets by statusstring
subCategory:StandardSubcategoryTickets by Ticket Subcategorystring
testTicket:trueTest ticketboolean
optimizable:trueOptimizable (Overview)Tickets by optimizabilityboolean
userId:ANYTEXTUser IDTechnical querystring
userName:"Ralph Smuthers"User nameTickets by users who grabbed a ticketstring
vip:trueVIPVIP flagged tickets (Info/Alert/Part)boolean
warrantyType:ANYTEXTWarranty typestring
wrongSerialProvided:trueWrong serial providedboolean

You can try to find tickets with a specific keyword by just typing a keyword inside the search field.
This can prove particularly useful if for any reason you cannot find a matching query or you just need some fast results.
The elastic search will then do it's best to display results with all tickets that contain your keyword.
Let's assume you want to find all tickets which have the value "unicorn" somewhere entered:


You can also take this further to find all tickets that particularly do not contain this value by using the - symbol.


We currently utilize the following data types in our search.

String: The string data type stores any kind of text data (including numbers).
Boolean: The boolean value  TRUE or FALSE.
Date: Date fields have a predetermined size and format. They can be defined on the definition specification. We use the following specification inside our search: YYYYMMDDHHMM or the shorter one YYYYMMDD or YYYYMM
UUID: Universal Unique Identifier, commonly used for unique IDs (eg. reportingUserId).
Integer: The integer data type stores whole numbers that range from -2147483647 to 2147483647 for 9 or 10 digits of precision.
Double: A double-precision floating-point number is a long floating-point number of 64 bits.

Yes, you can!
If you like a query and you want to use it more frequently you can save it for further usage.
Learn more in the My queries topic.

If you want to search for a text value (data type: STRING) like eg. name of company, country code, city name, project etc. then normally you have to put the values between quotation marks. If it's just one word you don't have to use quotations, you can instead refrain from using quotations:


You don't have to use quotations if it's one word without spaces. However, when you have spaces between the word, it is recommended to use them:

project:"My second project"

If you want to insert a numeric value (data type: STRING) like for example the CNI number of a ticket do as follows:


Also good to know - always try to use the correct spelling for the queries - otherwise results may not appear.

Incorrect spelling


Correct spelling


If you want to two or more  values you should use rounded brackets and a connector like AND or OR.

The OR operator displays results with at least one value fulfilled.

affectedCountryCode:(DE OR PL OR GR)

The AND operator displays results with all values fulfilled.

category:("Break and fix" AND cni.sort:[5 to 8])

If you want to search for a ticket with multiple conditions you can use operators as OR, AND; TO or NOT etc. pp.

Be advised that the operator NOT is always put before the alias:

NOT category: "Break and fix"

A more complex combined query example:

category:("Standard" AND appointmentFixedFrom:[202105 TO 202110])

Another complex combined query example:

category:("Break and fix" AND cni.sort:[5 to 8])

If you want to search for a range of tickets you have to use brackets and the word TO as a connector:

appointmentFixedTo:[202105 TO 202110]

The following format is used especially for the date type fields in order for results to be displayed:
YYYYMMDDHHMM = Year, Month, Day, Hours, and Minutes

The shorter format YYYYMMDD or YYYYMM also works for the query search.

Please be advised that searching for ranges only works with the data type date.

If you want to search for tickets in a particular status you can just use the matching query:


Searching for two statuses at once is also easily possible:


You can also use NOT to search for specific filter elements according to the exclusion principle:

NOT status: canceled

You can also search for multiple status at once, just use the correct syntax:


You can use the simple lsdt query to find tickets for a particular date:


If you want to search for tickets within specific dates you can use the time operators YEAR, HOURS, SECONDS and the query NOW to find the ticket:


You can also use mathematical symbols to find a particular set of tickets:


Above alias will search for tickets that were last updated before the 02.06.2023.
It won't display tickets after this date.

Please be advised that the technical time is taken, therefore UTC time offset must be added or subtracted in the input for results to be actually displayed.
Example: You are a dispatcher in a UTC+2 time zone and want to find a ticket with a particular LSDT time and date (eg. 01/08/2023 at 08:00).
Instead of typing lsdt:202308010800, you would instead type lsdt:2023080600 to find the desired ticket.

If you want to search for any value written inside a field you have to use the _exists_ prefix and then the actual search object:


This search query will display all tickets where values are written inside the field.

If you want to search for empty fields you have to use the NOT prefix before the _exists_ prefix and then the actual search object:

NOT _exists_:city

This search query will display all tickets where empty values are written inside the field.
In our example, the query will display all tickets that have particularly nothing written inside the city field.
This search query could be very helpful in case somebody has forgotten to fill in a field, and you want to find those affected tickets for example.

The following mathematical symbols are supported throughout search fields:

<; >; <=

Let's say you want to find tickets with the help of mathematical symbols.

What you could do in this case is to go by the data type date and using the query lsdt to find only tickets before a selected LSDT.


Yes! With the small limitation that it just works for text and numbers.

Let's say you want to find tickets with contact persons, where you don't know the exact spelling. You know the persons' name starts with a "ki" and ends with a "y". What you could do in this case is the following:


This will display you all tickets with the variation of the name, doesn't matter if our person is named: Kimchy, Kilaory or Kitty. The search will display them all.

The same principle goes for numbers. Let's say you don't know the last digit of the CNI's so you decide to browse through all of them to find your right ticket.


This will display you all tickets with the CNI numbers between 130 and 139 and the ticket with CNI 13 (because the star doesn't have to mean a number necessarily).

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