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Tip: You can use filters for better results

Ticket Clipboard tab versus system wide clipboard

Please do not confuse the system-wide clipboard with the Ticket Clipboard tab as both serve different purposes:

  • The Ticket Clipboard stores entire tickets to allow for a different type of processing 
  • The system-wide clipboard can store queries to quickly use them elsewhere

You are able to copy filters to the system-wide clipboard, this is done by clicking the copy button inside the Ticket Pool.

  1. Create a query by activating the filters you want to use.
  2. Click the copy button inside the Expert tab.
  3. You can then share the query with colleagues in a communication channel of your choice (eg. MS Teams or Zoom or other) by pressing Ctrl+V and pasting it into a chat window for example.
The copy button can be found in the upper-right part of the Expert tab
Quick tip

The How to query tickets topic explains how to use search queries and provides many examples to help you find specific tickets or sets of tickets.

Learn more about how to query for tickets
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