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The interaction buttons are located in the top right corner of the ticket header and give you the option to copy tickets, add and remove escalation flags, add and remove VIP flags, assign and un-assign partners, and grab and un-grab tickets.


You can copy tickets instead of creating them from scratch. This can be useful, for example, if a report was not successful and you need a follow-up ticket with the same description and location information. Copying a ticket saves time because you don’t have to create a new one manually.

  1. Inside the Ticket Details of the ticket you want to clone click the clone button.
  2. Select the project into which the ticket should be cloned from the dropdown.
  3. Click on the Continue to clone button.
  4. Double-check the Ticket Details that are cloned.
    You can also edit fields in this step, in case you want to change some information for the to be cloned ticket.
  5. Click on Clone.
  6. The newly cloned ticket should appear inside the Ticket Pool.
Deciding into which project to clone the ticket
Double-checking and cloning the ticket
What is an escalation flag?

Escalation flags are usually used on tickets, that need some sort of special attention and cannot be easily handled because they fall for example out of scope.

To add an escalation flag, click on the Escalation button and select the reason for the escalation from the drop-down.

What is a VIP flag?

VIP flags are usually used on tickets with a higher priority than usual.

To add a VIP flag, click on the VIP flag button. 

What is a partner?

A partner engineer is usually an engineer under subcontract with your company.

To add a partner engineer for the ticket click on the Assign partner button. Once clicked you will be able to select a partner from the drop-down list.

You want to learn more about the configuration of partners and how to utilize them best?
Learn more

To grab a ticket click on the Grab it button. A grabbed ticket indicates that you, the user, are currently working on the ticket.
The grabbed indication will be visible to all other users.

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