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The Info interaction (which can be activated by using the COMS workflow button) allows you to set a Ticket Info, which will be visible under Ticket Info and in the Ticket Header of Ticket Details to inform cross-platform about special on-goings of a specific ticket. This includes the points Customer communication, delays when dealing with a ticket, Dispatcher – Engineer appointment info and Feedback from engineer. All these options help to inform about very important on-goings of a particular ticket.

  1. Click on COMS.
  2. Click on Info.
  3. Select one of the seven Ticket info reasons (explained below).
Ticket info reasonWhere is the ticket info displayed?Where can it be createdAcknowledgement required?
Customer communicationFMA, FIC, FWPFMA, FWPNO
Delays when dealing with a ticketFMA, FWPFMA, FWPYES
Dispatcher - Engineer appointment infoFMA, FWPFWPNO
Feedback from engineerFMA, FWPFMA, FWPYES
Incoming info from connected systemFWPFWPYES
Outgoing info to connected systemFWPFWPNO
Ticket infoFMA, FWPFWPNO
* Legend
  • FMA -> Fieldcode mobile application
  • FIC -> Fieldcode information center application
  • FWP -> Fieldcode work place
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