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Here you can learn how this manual is structured and about the terms we use.

We sort our manual by...

  • Menu names
  • Header
  • Sidebar
  • Components

Fieldcode work place is structured by terms like...

  • Ticket pool -> often also referred to as Ticket pool component
  • Timeline -> often also referred to as Timeline component
  • Ticket details -> often also referred to as Ticket details component
  • Map -> often also referred to as Map component
  • Analytics -> often also referred to as Analytics component / PowerBI/ Forecasting
  • Scheduling assistant -> your choice to smartly schedule tickets as a dispatcher
Components are parts of Fieldcode work place that can be resized anytime (except the scheduling assistant which acts as a global system part). Components can be shown or hidden anytime and have a dedicated focus on your work.

In the different components you will encounter terms like:

  • Workflow buttons
  • Interaction buttons
  • Tabs
You will be searching particular tickets with the help of:
  • Fieldcode Work place header

  • Fieldcode Work place sidebar

  • Ticket pool component

  • Timeline component

  • Map component

  • Ticket details component

  • Scheduling assistant

    How to open the assistant

    Option 1: By double-clicking on a particular ticket in the Ticket Pool.

    Option 2: From the context menu of a ticket in the Ticket pool in the Dispatch view.

    Option 3: From the Timeline  by right-click (opening the context menu) on Schedule ticket.

    Option 4: From the Ticket details by clicking on the corresponding 
    workflow button.

Fieldcode admin panel is structured by terms like...

They have corresponding sub-menus like:

  • Users, Permissions, Partners
  • Workflows, Projects, Forms, Automated Actions, Conditions, Indications…
  • Groups, Skills, Service Delivery, Ticket scoring, PUDOs…
  • Account, System Connection…

The terms describe affected parts of the system you are going to configure for Fieldcode work place. 

  • You are going to manage user accesses for your engineers, dispatchers, partners etc.
  • You are going to manage process-related options such as eg. workflows.
  • You are going to  manage dispatch-related options such as managing dispatch groups.
  • Access section

  • Process section

  • Dispatch section

  • Settings section

  • Sidebar to quickly access all the sections

  • Fieldcode Admin panel header

  • Fieldcode Admin panel sidebar

  • List view of an opened menu

  • Tabs inside an selected item

  • Menu for configuration

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