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How the ticket colors are defined

All tickets within the same project are coded with the same colour:

Ticket tiles in the calendar area may have various colours:

You can find the explanations by moving the mouse cursor onto the legend in the upper-right hand corner of DISPATCH:

Ticket colourExplanation
The onsite intervention is finished and the engineer finished the reporting part, the ticket is closed in Gepard
The ticket is 'pending onsite intervention' or it is already in progress
The ticket has the engineer assigned, but no appointment has been scheduled
The ticket has the engineer assigned, the appointment is scheduled, but the ticket is not locked, i.e. it is not sent to the engineer's FSA
The ticket has been dispatched to the engineer. Engineer pressed Departure / Start Onsite (depending on his project) on his FSA app (Additionally: If the ticket has been resolved unsuccessfully or is in Report Validation Status, the button will be in the white colour too)

 A ticket marked with bold CNI letters and a border around indicates that the ticket successfully arrived to engineers FSA App.