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  1. Go to Fieldcode Admin panel.
  2. Click on Process -> Automated Actions.
  3. Click the plus button to open the Automated Action form.
  4. Select Send the end user a link to track ticket progress from the Available Options dropdown.
  5. Fill in the Adjust the Automated Action fields.
  6. Name your Automated Action.
  7. Select a project for which this Automated Action should apply.
  8. Click Save.

Fieldcode allows customers to track tickets and their progress live. Live tracking is thought out for customers, that want to be informed about the progress of their ticket.

Customers are able to track open tickets via browser or the FIC App. Live tracking of a ticket allows you to understand in which state a ticket is and where the engineer currently is located, so that you know and be prepared when the engineer arrives to your location.

Live tracking can be enabled to customers in the Fieldcode admin panel under Automated Actions (Send the enduser a link to track ticket progress). After the Live tracking is enabled in admin panel endusers will get an email with the Live tracking link, every time, when a new ticket is created.

If a ticket is created with the activated Live tracking Feature the end user will get an email with the working Live tracking link. Then it is his decision if he want to open the Live tracking in his web browser or use the Fieldcode information center app to track down the ticket.

Where tickets and how tickets can be tracked is described in dedicated topics, which you can check out depending on your situation below:

  1. Learn how to track tickets in almost every web browser.
  2. Learn how to track tickets on almost every Android device.
  3. Learn how to track tickets on almost every iOS device.
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