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How to work with the Ticket Details

A click on a ticket inside the Ticket’s List will show you the Ticket’s Details sorted by different tabs:

What is displayed inside the Ticket Details header?

At the top of the page, you can find the Ticket ID and the LSDT Counter, indicating how much time is left before the LSDT vanishes.

In the Ticket Details header you can find: CNE, CNI, SLA, Project name, Appointment, Status, LSDT, Timezone, Location and Contact:

Additionally, several notifications display you ticket related information:

Condition / Indication

Conditions and indications can be setup by an admin. They help you understand what is currently happening with the ticket, for example if it is overdue.

Assignee / Watching

Assignee will display Login Name of a person, who has grabbed the ticket. If somebody is looking at the same ticket as you, his / her Login Name will be displayed under Watching.

Escalation flag

If the ticket already has an Escalation Flag added, the escalation icon will show up in the Ticket’s Header. Additionally, this ticket will be highlighted in red in the Ticket Pool. If you hover your mouse onto the ticket, you will see the escalation reason.

To add an Escalation Flag, click on the Escalation symbol and provide the reason:

How to remove the escalation flag

Click on the Escalation flag symbol in the Ticket Details of a ticket to remove the Escalation flag

VIP Flag

If the ticket already has VIP flag added, the icon will show up in the Ticket’s Header. Additionally, this ticket will be highlighted in yellow in the Ticket Pool:


In order to set a Ticket reminder, please fill in the information in a reminder window:

Marking as VIP

Special end users will find their tickets marked as VIP. This can happen automatically of manually depending on the process setup. To add VIP flag manually, click on the VIP flag icon. Once added, the confirmation will show up in the Notification area:

How to remove VIP flag

Click on the VIP symbol in the Ticket Details of a ticket to remove the VIP flag

  1. First type in the user name or e-mail address of a person, that should receive the reminder.
  2. Then choose the time and date when you want the reminder to pop-up.
  3. Choose the Priority of the reminder from the drop-down-list.
  4. Type your message and ‘SAVE’ it.

The list of your reminders is available, after clicking the bell symbol in the upper right-hand corner of Gepard.

Serial history

Near the reminder button you can find the Serial history button. The button displays you the number of remaining tickets with the same serial number.

Click on the button and a list of those tickets will show up on the left-hand side:

With the context button (three dots) on the right side of the Ticket Details header you can do the following:

  • Copy ticket to link to clipboard allows you to copy the direct link
  • Share ticket with a colleague will open a new email in Outlook (or a different App that is set as default one) with the direct link to the ticket. It allows you to send the ticket link to your colleague straight from Gepard.