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Tickets that can be scheduled can usually be found in the Dispatch tab of the Ticket Pool. You have two options when it comes to scheduling your first tickets. You can either drag & drop tickets from the Ticket Pool to the Timeline or you can schedule tickets by using the context menu in the Ticket Pool. We will show you both ways. 

Learn everything specific about the scheduling assistant here.

  1. Inside the Fieldcode work place click on the Dispatch tab in the Ticket Pool.
  2. Hover over a ticket you want to schedule and hold the left mouse button. You should start seeing different colors on the Timeline (red, yellow, and green).
  3. Drop the ticket to a green spot in the Timeline for the job desired engineer.

Learn everything specific about the scheduling assistant here.

  1. Inside the Fieldcode work place click on the Dispatch tab in the Ticket Pool.
  2. Right-click on a ticket you want to schedule.
  3. The context menu should open, click on Schedule Ticket.
  4. The scheduling assistant opens:

In the header of the scheduling assistant you can see three buttons:
End user not reached; Callback required; Set proposed appointment

Situations described on the right are usually occurring while or after calling a customer

End user not reached: You would press that button in case you were trying to call the customer to schedule, but couldn’t reach him.

Callback required: You would press that button in case the customer was not there to talk personally, but you established another call for later with the person on the telephone.

Set proposed appointment: You would press that button in case you couldn’t reach the customer, but the project requires you to proceed with the ticket in some way anyways.

In the center of the scheduling assistant, you can see a calendar, an UPDATE LSDT button, a time preference menu, and an engineer preference menu. They all tie in together to help you establish an appointment and give you tips on-the-fly as you are scheduling an appointment.

As a good dispatcher you always want to pick the best appointments, therefore always look out for the best option, as described in the calendar legend.

  1. Ask the customer or suggest date preferences and pick a date.
  2. Ask the customer or suggest time preferences and pick a fitting time.
    (By clicking the + right next to the time you can add a custom availability, if necessary.)
  3. Select Any Engineer or select a desired engineer for the job.
  4.  Click Save.

Other ways to open the scheduling assistant

  • Double-click on a ticket in the Ticket Pool.
  • By right-clicking on a ticket in the Timeline and selecting Schedule ticket.
  • Inside the Ticket Details of a ticket by clicking on the Schedule ticket button.
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